Unofficial DCS: World Week report



DCS: World 31 oct - 06 Nov Week update.


DCS: World 07 - 13 Nov Week update.


DCS: World 14 - 20 November Week update.


DCS: World 21 - 28 November Week update.


Thanks for keeping up up-to-date, @Silver_Dragon! I always look forward to your insights.


DCS: World 29 November - 04 December Week update.


DCS: World Week update (December 11)


Hey SD,
Thank You for these great updates. Big Spoooosh! for the new MiGs. My dreams will come true. A couple of real nice oponents to the M2KC, F-5E, F-15 and anything else that comes along. I hav begged and dreamed for a MiG-19. The 'Flogger looks very advanced in the video. What an update!


DCS: Spitfire Mk IX

DCS: World Week update (December 18)


DCS Week Update 01 January 2017 (English version)


DCS Week Update 15 January 2017 (English version)


Thank You for the updated SD. The I-16 is a total surprise. Hope this one makes it to the store. Razbam’s Mirage is also very cool. The Bo-105 will be a prepurchase for me. I am so impressed with Polychop.

Great Update


Wow, yeah, that I-16 was unexpected! That was one of my favorite quirky aircraft in IL2-1946. Will keep an eye on this one!


DCS Week Update 22 January 2017 (English version)


DCS Week Update 01 January 2017 (English version)


Thanks @Silver_Dragon

all those 3D models, are some of those subminitions?


correct, on the 1.5.5 / 1.5.4 has some more. Surely ED has plans to improve all of them into DCS: W (as old A-10C submunitions).


DCS Week Update 06 February 2017 (English version)


@Silver_Dragon - Just wanted to mention how much we appreciate your work in bringing us the updates, keeping us informed, and contributing greatly to all of us keeping up with the latest goings on. You are a great asset to the community… :beers: