Unofficial DCS: World Week report

disclaimer by the bad quality video


nicely done! Didn’t see most of this stuff so happy you made this. Me gusta the dutch skin for the Bölkow 105 :grin:

DCS: World news recompilation (Oct 02)


Great Update!

As always Thank You SD

You know if it’s getting to be too much @near_blind can handle leatherneck duties. I’m sure it’s no problem at all.

There are other … ‘resources’ :slight_smile:

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Oh just that we need to get more people writing for the site and take some of the pressure off. :slight_smile:

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I thought I was good staying “current” with the WW2 birds, the MiG-15/21 and Mirage, F-5/F-15… Jeez! By this time next year I will be flying with checklists on my lap, FSX style. Viggen and Bo-105 are going to be beasts. Two more WW2 birds… Mirage III is love at first sight (though I think we will not see that this year). Then God Help us all when it comes time to learn the Harrier. At least the pit will be in English…
As we get more and more content, I have to be careful. This is like when you bought 17 model airplanes then realized there were only 365 days in a year. However, choice is a good thing.


There’s also back and front seat F-14 action and the beautiful F-18C :slight_smile:


I don’t think we will see them any time soon. I remember the wait for the MiG-21 was endless. I thinks they Tomcat will be released… I will be happy to see it in the coming years… I hope. As for the Hornet… Its been in the works for ages upon ages. I already turned every color in the rainbow holding my breath. I think we will see a MiG-31 first lol.

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Must be nice :stuck_out_tongue: everything i’ve been looking forward to just keeps getting pushed back further and further, probably been a good year or so since i’ve even flown DCS, just been waiting


DCS: World October 09 recompilation.

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Week Update DCS: World 10-16 October


The F-111 screens start at 1:37…

missed the perfect opertunity to start them at 1:11…

I am sure there is something here to get you after making such a claim.


Ummmm…I’m gonna go with a sandbag.

TIL: F111 were actually sold to Iran.

Week Update 17-23 Oct DCS: World

Week Update 24-30 Oct DCS: World