Unrecord - Official trailer Unreal Engine

Looks pretty dang cool!


It says in the article it’s not a VR game I think.

Looks amazing, but that gameplay gives me the frights, goodness knows what it would do for ex LEO’s etc.

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My bad.

Why is all that smoke coming from his gat? A bit overdone, methinks.

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The visual fidelity is frankly unsettling.

I noticed this before on twitter and had literally a very hard time accepting it was a videogame.

I am all up for this if it wasn’t for the narrative. I’d rather have a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game done like this.


I think the new Unreal engine and all the Quixel Megascan (as well as other tech) stuff is going to spawn next-gen batch of disconcertingly photoreal experience’s. Imagine the creepy nighttime zombie games!

War Trauma Demo


Yikes. I’m getting SOMA flashbacks.

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I have to wonder if we are reaching a point where, for FPS type games, we have to ask the question…is it now too realistic from a graphical point of view? I always enjoyed FPS games, even though I have no interest in real firearms. There have been vocal critics of FPS games since the heady days of Castle Wolfenstein and Doom, but there was never really any doubt about the fact that they are just games, not real. We are getting to the point where that is not so easy to tell. Great in a flight sim, but maybe not so great in a FPS?

Looking at the trailer again on a big screen, it still looks like a game verses photo realistic. On my phone it looked very much like video.