Update 24th Dec 2018

This afternoon I did a long overdue forum backend system update, so wanted to share here in-case anything started to work funky and I missed it. Please use this topic to let me know! Doing it on Xmas Eve is not a great idea, but you play the cards you get dealt. :slight_smile:

The changes include:

  • Lazy loading (it’s Christmas afterall) of images to try to help bandwidth use for both you and us. This may or not not work properly. I think it does.

  • On mobile a new full height swipe menu for your tiny hands.

  • Some gubbins to do with security and cross site scripting. The visible impacts should be none, but lots of changes underneath.

  • Trimmed down topic list a bit, in that the ‘Category’ label (what normal people would call sub-forums) are pack in a little tighter on the topic list underneath.

Let us know any issues, and I’ll try to ignore them till New Year. Have a good one all, and thanks for contributing to Mudspike and the Mudspike Forums. This site is what you make it. :christmas_tree:

We recently crossed a milestone of 10 million page views here on the forums alone. The main articles site and Chuck’s guides actually get most of the traffic, but for our small corner this is still amazing. As I said to @BeachAV8R repeatedly, running a forum in the world of reddit, discord and the like is an absolutes fools game, and I was of course completely wrong. :slight_smile:


Us dinosaurs stick with, possibly delusionally, what we know and think we understand.



Looks like its time to get this site to pay for itself. Surely someone would like to sponsor a flight sim site with that kind of traffic.

The Mudspike Thrustmaster Forums brought to you by VKB


I for one am thoroughly glad you carried on with the forum. I have very little patience for Reddit or Discord because of the sheer amount of noise you find there. Each thread seems to contain an abundance of people loudly shouting their opinion and arguing with anyone who disagrees in a very condescending tone.

Here, however, I have found a corner of the internet where intelligent, good natured discussion prevails. It is refreshing, and I would like to thank you and all those who contribute to the forum to make it what it is.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas :beers::santa:


Anyone else having an issue on a mobile device where when you click on a topic none of the posts for that topic are displayed?

If Mudspike wasn’t a thing I’d probably not even be online so much…