US Air Video, what is that at 3:30 and beyond

Might have been shared before but just came across my feed… 8 minutes of nothing but plane on target action. BUT what are the munitions at 3L30 and beyond, and why do they should sideways after parachuting down? Yet, they never do any damage to the armored vehicles below.

U.S. Air Supermacy - A Fractional Display [4K] - YouTube

I’d venture a guess they are CBU-97 or 105s

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Definitely BLU-108 submunitions (So @Andrew116 is correct)

They shoot sideways to disperse the ‘skeets’ 5 and 6 below


If you look at 3m 40s there is a tank in the background taking solid hits, primarily to the engine deck, I think the opening shots and from 3m 59s onwards are due to a zoom lens compressing the distance between the vehicles in the foreground and the rounds which are detonating over targets that are concealed by the low ground?

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Yep BLU-108, most likely just the skeet without explosive

The black ‘puffs’ of smoke are the skeets detonating. I’m pretty sure that they are all live?

My guess is that it was possibly during testing? Dispersal patterns with varying speeds and ‘burst’ heights, etc… At the end (from about 7m20s,with the M-41 in the foreground) there are three ‘passes’ and the last at 8m28s you can see when the chutes deploy they are already quite low and coming it at a relatively shallow angle…

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You might be right. I just know that we did stupid stuff with concrete.

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