US military grounds all F-35 jets

Just popped up on my news feed.

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Looks like a precautionary measure more than anything. Probably check through the fleet and find which have the problem and don’t, then clear the good ones to fly.

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Always going to be teething problems with something so complex. I’m surprised they haven’t lost more of them. Especially the B version when you consider the harriers safety record

They’re really only just starting to get them into widespread service; as they start using them more, accidents will happen more often. Of course, given the price tag, they’re going to tread lightly with what they have because they can’t really afford to lose them, either.

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A problem with the fuel line it seems. Relatively simple to fix, but the question of why it happened at all (when a fuel system is something that shouldn’t provide any gotchas) does need to be addressed.

If it’s a batch that suffered a manufacturing defect, that would be the best case.