USB connect sound...

So I’m gonna poll the experts here - how can I ascertain what is giving me a somewhat random USB connect sound? I know the obvious answer - start unplugging stuff, run my computer, and by process of elimination I can figure it out…but I don’t wanna do that.

I figure it might be something on one of my front USB ports. I have my T-Flight rudder pedals and an Oculus sensor plugged up…and I’m wondering if one of those is giving me the random USB connect sound. Problem is, I’m out of ports on the back…but I’m OK with adding a card or something back there if I need to have a more direct connection to my motherboard. Am I correct in my suspicion that it might be something on the front ports causing it? I think it might be causing my DCS to crash sometimes…maybe…I dunno. Complex machines these things…

If you’re getting something for more usb ports get the powered usb 3.0 hub linebacker and I have. It’s boss. I almost bought a second one because I’ve basically filled the first one. So many peripherals! Doesn’t help that the rift takes 3 by itself.

Got an Amazon link by chance?

My phone is being annoying. Try this part number in Newegg. It’s on sale right now in Canada anyway. H10C1-U3-US

I think that’s the same one linebacker has anyway. It’s he one I’ve got for sure.

Got it…thanks!

Can confirm.

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You may also want to consider that it could be a power setting. I used to have a similar issue and it turned out to be a power saving setting which turned off USBs seemingly at random. I cant remember what the setting is called but that solved the problem.

It may be Windows trying to save power.

Do this:

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That’s the one!

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