Used / second hand graphics cards


There is a plethora of used/second hand gtx1080ti up for sale. Lots say they are still under warranty

What are peoples thoughts on second hand cards. Can a warranty be transposed to a second owner?


Warranty is often tied to proof of purchase here in the .EU. I wouldn’t know what weird laws you bruces have about this sort of thing.

I take it if your card is bad you take that thing back to the shop, have a XXXX and a barbie and feed it to the dropbears, yeah?

One caveat with buying 2nd hand is dust and if it has been overclocked. On the other hand, you can’t do much wrong at those prices. I sold my 770 to a buddy and he’s still using it happily. These things often last longer than they stay current. On the gripping hand, for very high performance stuff, that might not last as long…


I guess there is no way to tell if some beenbag has brutalised the card with hefty overclocks. But looking at ebay there are a ton of cards. Not sure if I trust the condition of used cards. I guess its probably best buying second hand from people you know.

As for the xxxx. Right state in Oz, was the beer back in the day. But I am in EU land too, so my cards will be subject to Teresa May’s Brexit itinerary


I guess the only thing to look out for for second hand 1080ti’s is if they’ve been run 24/7 for cryptomining. If a seller has more than one to sell (based on their ebay history?) then that’s a sign.

On the other hand, a lot of miners used to undervolt the cards (unless stealing the electricity), so it doesn’t necessarily mean the card will be bad.


What Fearlessfrog says, a lot of 2080ti’s would have been used for mining 24/7, clocked to within an inch of their life’s and now the mining fad is over or has slowed right down we are seeing a glut of them going second hand, same with Titan X’s too … for sure if you know a buddy who is a normal gamer or simmer selling a GTX 2080ti, then yes, but from a stranger on the internet/ebay for this series in particular I would be looking hard at their feedback, previous sales ETC … in fact I would point blank not buy one second hand at all because of the risk, if you are on really old card tech, perhaps a good second hand 980 Ti or Maxwell Titan to tide you over to next year … some 980 Ti’s were used by miners too, but not to the extent the 1080 Ti’s were.

New 1080Ti prices have soared in the last week, partly because of problems with the new 2080 series and partly because of last of line stock that is a solid reliable performer … and thus price gouging, it really is a bad time to be upgrading graphic cards, glad I dont need to this year, just hope the situation is better next year for all of us.