Useful Chrome Extensions

I thought I’d share three of the most useful Google Chrome web browser extensions I use.

  • Enhanced Steam. Fixes all the things that the Steam Web UI could do. Useful for price comparison, better reviews and better market stuff.

  • uBlock Origin. Adblock sort of sold out, as in they make money by companies paying to be excluded, which sort of misses the point of an ad-blocker. uBlock Origin is nicer and lighter in every way. Makes websites that show far too many ads more bearable to use (plus works on Firefox mobile on phones and tablets too, which can really speed up page load times).

(Bonus blocker, if you are familiar with what to block and want lots of control - uMatrix is very good here)

  • Read Mode. Safari always had this nice ‘clear out all the junk and make it nicer to read’ mode, and Read Mode does this for Chrome. Maybe my eyes are getting older, but I find this helps for any long form read.

Anyone have any others they use regularly?