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One of the things we’ve struggled with is how much to make the forums like something else, as in other than just a regular forum. We’re a bit like a public subreddit, and in some ways, we could just all move over there (@BeachAV8R looks at 25GB of image storage costs and nods furiously :wink:), we’re also a bit like Discord, in that people meet up to play games via personal messages etc.

Over time I’ve added various things like Groups, Who’s Online, Live Chat, Discord Integration and for various (good) reasons they didn’t really take off. A lot of the reasons aren’t technical but on how much time we want to commit to make them work.

So one small thing we can do is let people fill in info about themselves that makes it easier for others to find each other for gaming elsewhere. In your user profile there are a number of new ‘fields’ that you can fill in if you want to. This allows others to click your wee avatar circle and then see your username or id somewhere else.

I’ve added Steam, Discord Server, Origin and Uplay (Ubisoft) account fields. For security reasons these are not clickable links (stops spam bots) but hopefully still useful. Is that the main ones?

To add your info, please do the following:

  1. Click you profile on the top right (your avatar).
  2. Click the :gear: cog icon.
  3. Choose ‘Profile’ on the left list.
  4. Under ‘Web Site’ there are a bunch of new optional fields.

If you fill any in them they are shown on your profile and your ‘user card’, which is the thing people see if you click a users avatar. Example:


If people have ideas or suggestions on what more to add then please discuss it here.

Note: User profiles are cached to help speed up the forum, so after you update your own info then browser refresh or wait a bit to see it.


Just FYI but the Origin username is a required field?


Oops, fixed.


Mmm like this idea! Found a load of other things to play round with on my profile that I didn’t realise that were there while I was hunting around for it.




Good idea - added.


@fearlessfrog Is the Discord field for other people to join your own Discord channel or to be invited to someone else’s?


My thought when I added that field was that it would be an invite URL to your a Discord Server, as in ‘here’s my Discord Server, come join me here with this invite link!’. Open to suggestions to make it better though.


I only use it because there are some that insisted on using it instead of Slack (they also buggered off a few months later, gee thanks) but I’m honestly not sure how people find you on there anyway be by email or # (does it work like IRC in that regard?) I mean, besides invitation links


I had a look, and Discord is a bit weird from as far as I can tell, in that we all do have a unique 'user id’s but you need to enable a dev mode and then find the long number. It seems like the ‘server owner’ is the one sending out the invite links to those that they want in, rather than the Steam way, where you can invite someone in purely by username. You can invite people into your Discord server if you’ve chatted with them recently, but not by ‘pure username’ as far as I can tell. I don’t think (or rather couldn’t find it in 5 mins searching) that Discord has that side of things.

Slack is good, but I think we’d give people work flashbacks using that. :slight_smile:


indeed, plus their new logo is terrible. Ok though, I was never really sure what was going on with Discord tbh, other than inviting, but not being able to search for who you want to invite :smiley:


I think it’s just one of those ‘growth hacks’ things, where they knew that if people had to push out URL’s to get people to be invited in then it would get their name out their a bit more. Sort of like Facebook at the beginning had closed invite URLs only.

The best description of the new Slack logo I heard was that it looked ‘like a swastika made of penises’.


at actually screen size it looks… well minus the penises image
slightly larger though it is still terrible


I wouldn’t recommend a permanent link to your discord server unless you already use one. Spambot invitation waiting to happen. If you aren’t prepped for that it’d be bad.


In the user’s profile we don’t show it as a URL to prevent that. I mean someone could copy/paste it, but it at least gets rid of the automated way.


Discord does use usernames, but I haven’t seen a direct “invite user x” feature. Generally I’ll just add friend and then right-click and invite to server.

Username ID is at the bottom-left where it shows your profile and settings gear icon.
All user IDs have a four digit number appended that is needed when adding friends.

There’s mine^^^

So if that was in the profiles, you could add them as a friend and request/send a server invite that way. Avoids the potential server spam too.