Using an Oculus Rift as a TrackIR

I LOVE the 1:1 head tracking with my Oculus Rift and I was wondering if I could just rest it on my forehead (quite comfortable!) and use it as a “TrackIR” sort of device?

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There is an app called VorpX that allows you to run some TiR compatible games on a big screen in your VR HMD…

Haven’t tried it myself.

OpenTrack. It’s free and it can translate your Rift movement into a TrackIR compatible signal. It also has a lot of useful configuration options so you can adjust the rotation axis location, etc. Probably handy since you’ll have the Rift propped up on the top of your head.

Come to think of it, I need to give this a shot. The accuracy of the head tracking is probably better than a TrackIR, as long as you don’t mind the weight!


I don’t like resting it on my forehead because the lenses touch and ya. Even trying to see stuff while I’m actually rifting I try to avoid that.

But it seems like it should work.