Using rockets how best to use?

Below is a compilation of some rocket attacks that I have done.
I always tend to wait until Im too close to fire. Which results in nearly striking the target with the plane.
What height/distance from target do you ppl here usually start firing the rockets from?

Rockets are an area effect weapon. Trying to get precision with them is a fools errand, particularly back in WW2. Honestly I’d probably break off about the point you’re opening fire in your video! Real world fragmentation is going to be your big killer with rockets, and trying to hit a target directly with a single rocket works very poorly. Salvo them in at least pairs, preferably 4 or more. Learn where you’re shooting roughly point of aim, point of impact (or what part of your reticle gives you that), and approach no closer.

A steep dive gives you less dispersion (ie 90 degree’s straight down would have minimal dispersion), so try to avoid the low grazing passes you have in your video. Wing over, dive hard, fire them off, and then break off, preferably all without ever getting into small arms range.


I have been trying to get direct hits, makes sense why its so hard.
I do feel I get way too close to target.

thanks for tips

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This may not apply to ww2 fighters but I always treat rockets like a gun run.

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Here’s a target’s eye view from a pod of 2.75" rockets.

The smaller the rocket the less accurate they are, so the larger WW2 “Holy Moses” and similar rockets will have a bit better accuracy for a variety of reasons. You can see why they aren’t point effect weapons.

If you watch the whole video, there are quite a few rocket attacks, with Zuni’s (5 inchers, and direct descendant of WW2 USAAC rockets) and 2.75" (88mm) rockets.