Using the JSOW

Has anyone got any tips on the deployment of the JSOW
I get them off the rails using the Too mode and have my way point designated as target. The missiles either fall short or continue at altitude. Its frustrating any assistance greatly appreciated

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Chucks guide page 188 and 199:

Redkite tutorials:

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Thanks I need to revisit the learning tools. I watch a lot of his videos but sometimes I can be slow to pick things up

Your waypoint has an altitude that is, well - in the air.
Alter the waypoint in the HSI to have an altitude that matches the ground.

So for example, one JSOW may be targeting Long/Lat but at 20,000ft so it sails along through those coords at 20,000.

Falling short can also be an altitude issue, if you are in an area with many elevation changes. Currently we use absolute terrain height (from the F10 info bar for example) to get the correct numbers.

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Thank you I was successful, :blush:sorting out the altitude was the thing