USS Lexington Found..

It appears that the USS Lexington’s final resting place has been found after decades. Paul Allen deserves to be thanked for his efforts, regardless of your feelings about him as the grave of so many people’s loved ones has been located.

God bless the United States Navy and God bless this nation.


I read about this earlier today. I am glad for the relatives and also that the story of the Lexington’s sacrifice enabled the victory at Midway :slight_smile:

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Man, 2 Devastators and a Wildcat found, and they don’t look too bad. Fantastic for all naval warfare buffs.


Looks like VF-31’s Felix the Cat on one of them. Took out four of the enemy before it sank with the ship.


I know it’s deep water and all, but still, the state of preservation of those aircraft is absolutely remarkable for having been in saltwater for 70+ years!

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Very well conserved indeed!!

At that depth, there’s very little oxygen to corrode the metal. Almost an anaerobic environment. Only oxygen available is dissolved in water.

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