V-2 Falcon

I’m afraid I don’t understand the post here. Is this a mod for SF2? it might be a little less confusing if you explained it in the title possibly? :+1:


I cant honestly tell if this is a genuine English translation issue or some sort of scam. Maybe some context would be nice. Are you advertising your work? Trying to sell something or showing off someone else’s mod’s for the interest of mudspike. I don’t want to flag this post as I’ve a sneaking suspicion this is a genuine guy showing off his work but there are some odd little flags here.


… But one little village, somewhere in Korea refused to give in and still kept to the old ways. There we find our heroes Asterix and @icdi1257 still valiantly building stuff for SF2.

I must say, the cartoon is lovely @icdi1257, and I like the fact that you are still putting out SF2 content. Is that scene still alive out there in Korea or are you a stubborn loner?


Yeah, this guy used to post stuff like this at SHQ right? Things that always looked cool but never could figure out where to download them.

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Good I’m glad we solved that mystery. I wasn’t being rude earlier just didn’t understand. Thinking back I remember a stealth cat being posted that was pretty badass. Keep it up dude!

Whoa whoa :flushed: I think possibly something has got lost in translation here my friend. I was saying I very much liked the stealth cat. I wasn’t being rude about it at all so I apologise if you haven’t understood the term I used. Please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought your work with SF2 was very good.

You read those posts all wrong. They were actually praising your work, but you attacked them in return. Take two weeks to cool down.

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