V8 Supercars

Been seeing an uptick on youtube for V8 supercars.

So that begs the question…which sim has V8 supercars?

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It is an older sim, but assetto corsa should have some.

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Automobilista 2 has them as Super V8s, which while not exact copies of the Aussies, are close enough and really fun to drive. There is an excellent skin/AI pack at Race Dept…

…and a car mod in which the author takes the default cars, reskins, then edits four different models (BA Falcon, AU Falcon, VX Commodore and VY Commodore) to have slightly different physics.


The V8Scorsa mod for AC has very good reviews.

iRacing has them, but of course you’ll need a subscription.

rFactor 2 has a few V8 mods, but they’re mods so you’re authenticity mileage will vary.

AMS 2: in addition to what chipwich mentioned, the base game has an unlicensed,generic version that drives good in my opinion if you’re not into the whole mod thing.


Forgot about iRacing. I think my supscription is still active. Hope they have AI for those.

Ill check out Automobilsta 2 as well,


This looks pretty good and a reason for not nuking my AC install just yet.

What I will say about the AMS2 Super V8s are that their AI is reasonably well behaved. You can survive nose-to-tail racing lap after lap. Bathurst is really well executed, the pit crews are functioning, and the ability to have a preset pit strategy is handy.