VAF Operation Khatachapuri Weekend (DCS)

Hi everyone,

The Virtual Armed Forces will be opening their dedicated server to the public this weekend, hosting a dynamic multiplayer mission called “Operation Khatachapuri.” You’re all cordially invited to fly the unfriendly skies. Count on me to be there in the Tomcat; I’m happy to fly as pilot or RIO.

Here’s the quoted post; please see the original post for additional graphics and kneeboard files.

Hello all DCS enthusiasts.

The Virtual Armed Forces along with our partners the Black Veal Squadron, have been working on our campaign “Operation Khatachapuri” for just over a year now and we think it’s more than ready for a good public run. The missions are all pre-designed but they are picked from a table in a random order. So even though they are not dynamically generated missions, the campaign missions are dynamically picked, so depending on the order of the missions the campaign can have a completely different feel and outcome based on that. But this is a very long campaign that requires serious A2A and ground attack coordination and typically takes anywhere from 10-12 hours to finish successfully. We are inviting the community to participate in our campaign on the weekend of September 5th and 6th starting on Saturday morning at 9 EST. We run our main server on a dedicated fiber optic line with 100/100Mbs and it’s been very stable for large numbers of clients but the total is limited to 32 for stability. We will also be running LOTATC so if you are interested in doing AWACS, please message me or discuss it with any VAF member on the ED Discord channel.

There’s no sign up in advance so please feel welcome to join in the campaign whenever you feel like doing so. The campaign is set up to accept any air frame since it’s not trigger dependant although we only use a few airframes in our group. It’s currently set up with F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14B, A-10C, UH-1H and MI-8. If you would like to come in with your dedicated group and would like to have other airframes available, please message me directly with your request. I can’t add just one airframe just because someone would like to see one of everything in there but I’m willing to add for instance F-16’s, M2000’s or JF-17’s for your squadron based on a group request. This is a campaign against Eastern equipment so we won’t be adding any Eastern bloc aircraft other than choppers to reduce SA confusion.

The mission files is about 17MB and takes a few minutes to finish loading. You may get a black screen for that time depending on your connection. Please be patient and wait for the mission client slot screen to load.

Both the VAF and BVS use custom, personalized skins for regular operations. For this weekend’s event, we will be using generic (non-personalized) skins, and making these skins available to the public. The BVS skins included are the “Bazadaise” (grey) patterns for the F-14, F-16, and F/A-18. VAF skins include the CAG/Show and line birds for the 111th FS (F-16C) and VFA-136 (F/A-18C). VFA-131 and VF-142 members will use the stock DCS skins for this weekend.

Google Drive Skin Downloads

The requirements are as follows:

  1. All participants must join the main “event meeting room” channel on the Eagle Dynamics discord server. This will be the main coordination channel for the entire campaign. Once you are ready to fly you will be required to join the “in game” channel and be on SRS and mute your microphone (please make sure it’s updated). If you do not join the SRS and mute your mic, you will be removed from the campaign and placed in the meet up channel until you are on SRS.

  2. Please read the in mission briefing carefully! It contains a lot of very helpful information and will answer a lot of your questions. Be sure to write down common TACAN’s and frequencies for tankers, carrier and AWACS. Also, it’s very helpful if you download the 476th Caucasus flight pub documents. Big thanks to the 476th for all their hard work on all of their amazing flight publications! Russia Flight Pub, Georgia Flight Pub

  3. Please try to group up and work with other pilots in a cooperative manner, communicate and avoid friendly fire incidents. That includes asking permission to fly in formation or fly as a group. We encourage 2 ship formations for Air To Air and strike packages but 4 ships are welcome. If you are new to combat flight sims, especially DCS, you are more than welcome to participate, but please work with experienced members in a cooperative way so that you can learn to be a better sim pilot!

  4. All participants are required to use the VAF/BVS integrated comns plan. The comns plan is very simple and is included in this post. I will also be able to message it to anyone that needs it. But essentially all comms on the ground for ATC use 264, all carrier ATC on 266, all fighter coordination on 255, all strike packages on 127, all global tactical comms (please keep clear unless necessary) are on 251. AWACS on 251 and refueling packages are listed in the mission briefing. If you are in a dedicated group I recommend that you use a combination such as 251 for tactical comms and 255.10 for your group as a preset at minimum. If you’re in an F-16, the fighter coordination is 134 or if you’re in a group I recommend that you use a combination such as 251 and something like 134.10 or similar.

  5. If you want to do one of the dynamically picked missions, please state your intentions on the main Voice Discord channel for coordination and not on the in flight channel. If you require support once in flight, please request that on tactical common.

  6. The server is limited to 32 clients to reduce chaos and too many packages running at the same time. If you can’t get in just wait awhile as I’m sure people will be coming and going throughout the day.

  7. The mission also requires flying choppers to ferry troops in to capture bases or support ground operations so keep that in mind. The campaign cannot be completed successfully without capturing Sukhumi and Gudauta and the FARPS needed to secure those areas. There is also a FARP near Beslan that can be captured to further the campaign and all airbases in North are capturable as well.

  8. Please make sure you ask any logistical questions here. We want to try and handle any stuff like planes and comms stuff in advance of the mission on Saturday so please post it here. We don’t read the ED Discord all that much so it’s better to work it out here in advance rather than have communication problems in discord later.

Other than that, just come in and have fun!

Thanks to everyone including the Black Veal Squadron, Eagle Dynamics, the MOOSE team, MIST, CTLD, SRS and all the VAF team members for the unbelievable number of hours spent working on and testing our multiplayer missions!


I picked a terrible weekend to have to go to work. This will be loads of fun I am sure.

So you figured to labor on Labor Day weekend? :grin:

Since the VAF has been working for a while on the mission, I’m sure they’ll have another public weekend. I’ll be sure to post when they do.


Well I see @AndyE has already like the post.
@Franze might be in as well - he had high reviews of your expertise with the Tomcat!

Perhaps we could look at doing a two ship of multi-crewed Tomcats or a m/c 14 covering a pair of 18s etc?


I’m your huckleberry!

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Maybe/kinda/sorta. If I have to get into a busy Discord channel and use voice comms to coordinate prior to using SRS, it’s going to be a nightmare. I have trouble with “conference calls” like that.

Well perhaps @HomeFries can elaborate but would we be able to elect a flight lead to handle that portion of the comms at least for SRS?

Then the others don’t have to listen in actively speaking (lower volume, perhaps even not tune that channel).

As for the initial discord meet up, I see the purpose and there isn’t much way around that unless it’s run like a presentation where all the participants aren’t chiming in unless called upon.

Edit: Once at the “in flight” room mic mute is required so that is a benefit already.

Ie, “Player5 - are you ready, and have SRS working?”
“cleared to join mission”.
{next player in list queried}

We’re pretty versed in this. On nights where we have 10+ people in the channel, we’ll meet up on Discord to get into the mission, then once we successfully radio check on SRS we will mute discord. The DCS server also runs a SRS server, and SRS is prompted to join that server once you join in DCS. As long as SRS works, it’s not a nightmare at all.

However, since we’re using ED’s discord instead of the VAF or BVS discord, we may not be able to jump into separate channels if SRS isn’t working. We may have to “wing it” at that point. For multicrew it could be as easy as an individual “call” on discord and have a single party make all radio comms.