Value of IL2:BoX

Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone interested in ww2 aircraft who hasn’t taken the plunge yet. The IL2 series of games is on sale for the remainder of March at 66% off.

You can purchase the entire IL2 setup including 4 maps (3 are available, 1 is wip), 3 career mode campaigns and over 20 different aircraft for about $130. There is actually 30+ modules to fly, but that’s not exactly true because several of them are the same plane just slightly different variants.

Compare this to DCS ww2 where it will cost you about $125 for 4 planes, 2 maps (I included the free one) and the asset pack if you buy them all during a 50% off sale.

If you are interested in WW2 flight, I would recommend giving il2 a try. It’s only $16 for Battle of Stalingrad right now. This will give you access to all maps, 2 tanks, a career, and 8 planes. You may get hooked like I did.


Dude, how many times do I have to tell you I’m not trying to buy more shoes again? I’ve barely had a chance to spend any time with Flying Circus, what with Elite:Dangerous, DCS, and every now and again looking at my World of Warships launcher icon on my taskbar.

…oh, and I guess working a full-time job, being a grad student, having a social life, and occasionally doing active stuff…

grumble grumble pulls up the IL-2 Store page again


Not the Kuban and Moscow maps, surely?

I agree with everything else though.


No full clicky pits in IL-2 though, there’s also a free trainer warbird next to the 4 you can buy.

If you have any of the BoX games, you can fly all maps for free in multiplayer.


Every map is available to you regardless of which pack you purchased.

As far as not having a clickable pit, this may be an understandable downside for some, but outside of start up, I don’t miss it. I initially made the mistake of correlating the lack of cockpit interaction to a lack of systems depth, and this couldn’t be further from the truth with IL2.

And to be fair, you can interact with the bombsight using a mouse in the bombers. It’s pretty challenging and entertaining to get the sight set up with wind, altitude, and speed indicators. Definitely reminded me of the Memphis belle movie with cloud coverage and all that.

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Last I knew I had all the modules and campaigns but I get confused when it comes to the collector planes, especially those that are available in the premium versions. Really wish there was a list when you logged into the store that showed you which modules or campaigns that you already owned and those that you still had not purchased that took into account that you had bought the premium or standard versions.


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Ah! Yes, of course.

Not in single player, surely?

I can’t test, since I already own all battles…


You can fly in single player instant action on any map. The first IL2 module I purchased was Boddenplatte, which the map isn’t out yet, and I was able to play single player instant action on different maps. No career or campaign mode though.

EDIT: to be honest, I’m not sure if it was all the maps in single player but there was a couple different choices for the instant action stuff. I also own all 4 packs now so I can’t check.


That’s the beauty of WW2 simming - minimal systems to learn for time limited and diminutive functioning neuron individuals. The ultimate in putting the thing on the thing.


And, don’t forget Flying Circus!

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Already picked up IL2:BoS premium/deluxe since the price was pretty good, but I’ve yet to install or try it. Considered picking up Moscow due to the price but still not sure on that either.

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I sat on the fence for a while, but started playing recently with some friends. Multiplayer is a blast.

Another cool feature is you can operate bomber gun positions online even if you don’t own the module.


Well, this is annoying. Apparently my ROF account works in the IL2 website, but BoS won’t let me login or link my account with it.

It really is a beautifully combat flight simulation. I would echo what @Gunnyhighway has said. Plenty of maps to fly in and very good size for the types of fighters and tactical bombers available. So many choices in terms of fighters, bombers, transports dropping paratroopers, supplies and now you can even crew tanks. A new map was just introduced for tanks recently as well. It’s not clickable cockpits but there is plenty of engine management in terms of propeller pitch, rpm, radiator controls etc., etc. so you really do have to pay attention to your gauges in the cockpit, they actually have a use and are there for more than just eye candy.

Great single player campaign engine and so many multiplayer operations taking place every week, some of week days and the bigger ones taking place on weekends. You can’t go wrong with this simulation if you are into WW2 aircraft or tanks.