Valve VR Tracking Royalty Free License

Valve, in their now customary ‘we care not for your pathetic human currency’ now offer an official way to re-use their tracking tech in your own peripherals for free.

So for development hardware what would we do with it for sims? Maybe put tracking dots around a Warthog like set and then track finger placement for MFD button pressing?

Maybe a common simple stick and throttle but ‘virtualize’ the buttons and axis, so you can reconfigure them between flying a helo, a spitfire or a viggen?

In a related thing to the above, people are 3D printing things like gun stocks to play Onward using the tracking tech, as in the physical holding of something similar to your virtual game seems to be an important step:

I was imaging some sort of ‘Universal Sim Controller’ type set-up, where you could build a ‘pit’ that didn’t need to look the part, just feel the part. So you could reconfigure it between holding a steering wheel vs. holding a cyclic and collective vs nudging a side stick and plinging UFC type controls.

I do hope what’s left of the sim peripheral market is planning stuff like this…

shame that the “parts” are a bit on the pricey side, $595 for a complete HDK kit is a bit out of my price range for something to fool around with testing things out. :frowning:

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I heard they might have a couple of these dev vendors offer packs in the next couple of months, but this alone is the first one out the gate:

You do get 8 chiclets for $55 though :wink:

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if only they were useful on their own :stuck_out_tongue:

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True, but most of my ideas seem to involve smothering lots of sensor points over stuff, so that’s the ‘scale out’ bit for me. :slight_smile:

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