VBS3 / Steel Beasts / Motion simulation / Flight sim combo

A very interesting video I just happened across on my journey through youtube tonight that showcases VBS3 along with several other platforms working together with it.

There is something I have never seen before in practice but read about at 6:08 BISim @ I/ITSEC 2016: Combined Arms Demo - YouTube
where his hand is straight up scanned and used as input.

All in all very cool, shame we wont get to set our own weird hybrid dcs/arma/vbs “Fly-in” on mudspike.

At I/ITSEC 2016 in Orlando, Bohemia Interactive Simulations presented live, a complex, combined arms demonstration using VBS Blue IG for an F/A-18 Super Hornet simulation, using a DBOX Motion System and sim chair from Ausimtech, connected to VBS3 for a U.S. Army Stryker trainer and dismounted soldiers, using Talon motion simulators. The flight model of the F/A-18 was driven by FLEX-Air from SASimulations. The scenario was also networked with VBS3 Fires FST, which controls the gun lines. The training exercise was conducted on terrain generated by TerraSim’s TerraTools software. Read more about the demonstration here: Leveraging VR technology, BISim Showcases Combined Arms Training with Whole-Earth Simulation at I/ITSEC 2016 | BISim

update: I think their F-18 is simulating multicrew…sexual.

Update2: found video pertaining to the features I saw with the f18 BISim Leverages Whole-Earth Rendering Technology for Combined Arms Training - YouTube


Used to play Arma with a guy who worked for BiSim. I heard about some very intriguing features available to the big customers.

Is this kinda strictly secret sort of information…or…?

Yes. very sekrit.

No, but it is the sort of stuff that you half hear, and you’re not sure if they’re speaking literally, speaking in relative terms to understand, etc. and I don’t want to make him or myself seem like an ass.

I’d heard things like lasing a bomb in VBS, dropping it from an A-10 in DCS, and having it hit in VBS/DCS. I don’t know if they were literally using those suites, if was a DCS like product, or if VBS has a A-10-lite module.

Long story short: I am lead to believe there is more potential for integration of multiple sims in the commercial side of things then the consumer. You can have your Arma/SB/DCS doom hybrid, you just need to pony up some tens of millions of cash for it.

Ah so this video seems to back the talk you heard to some degree at least.

So we starting a collection plate then?

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I assume like most government contractors if they were told to make SB work in VBS it would happen. Its all just a matter of money.

And the big question is… Does it have an F-111

Yeah, that VBS Blue is pretty cool looking…very cool how it all works with the different specific vendor needs. Makes me really wish we had VR integration for the helos and vehicles in A3… Thanks for the video…!


Wow, that’s pretty neat!
A few years ago, I started pushing the idea on both ED and BIS forums.Neither communities were extremely excited…:frowning:
Thread on ED forums and BIS forums (with some additional vids of the tech)


here are some videos from 2012 which show how VBS2 and SB PRO work toghether.