VEAO Dehavilland Vampire

VEAO Dehavilland Vampire new pic

[quote]I am just going to leave this here :slight_smile:


Sooooooo shiny…

Such a shapely bird…

If it was a Venom I’d be all over it. But the Vampire is - although good looking - one of the most uninteresting jets out there IMO.

Uninteresting? I am sure I don’t agree. I think you could use words like Under-powered or Out-dated but it is definitely an interesting aircraft. Without the Vampire there is no Venom…

Maaan, they just get me with the twin booms.
P-38, Vampire, Venom, Skymaster, Sea Vixen, C-119, Noratlas, White Knight… all beautiful aircraft.

For the Vampire what makes it less interesting are its very limited capabilities and that it is too… …WWII-tech I guess. I like my jets with lots of buttons and interesting systems, Generation 2 and upwards. I do have the MiG-15 and Sabre in DCSW but I rarely fly them. The Vampire is even older and less capable.

As for the Venom: The tip tanks make it 200% sexier. I love tip tanks.

Day 1 purchase for me. I’m starting to really love the early jets in DCS. The cluttered cockpits look amazing in VR. Simpler systems and quirky handling makes them a lot of fun.