VEAO developments?

Please keep discussions civil and keep speculation within the terms of decency. I’m guessing none of us know what is going on…so it might be best to just take the statement at face value and not dig too deep into it until further information is released by VEAO and ED respectively…

Don’t think we should read into it to much either. Contracts expire, and from what I can gather ED only wants to renew it on stricter terms. If they do ever (hopefully) come around to finish some of their modules, I’m sure they would get a contract to sell it.

Bit of a shocker that the P-40F contract has not been renewed as well, I was hoping it would finally be released this year, but it looks like that may not be the case anymore.

I also hope that in one way or another, this jet will one day make it into DCS.


I’m a huge fan of the Hawk…I like the airframe, I like the guys at VEAO, and while it has been a long (too long) road to a finished product…I hope they are able to renew the contract, get busting on it, and have it ready for 2.5 with all the bells and whistles working. Same with Aviodev…


I’ve always disregarded the Hawk as I feel it’s not up to a quality I’d like to see.

However, VEAO should look at this as an opportunity. They still have the Hawk and are still obligated to update the Hawk. Pouring all resources into the Hawk should be the first step into improving. None of this “We’re working on the Hawk, but we also have this in the pipe!”

None of that sophistry. At all. This is a time for focus and drive. After all, the contract for the P-40F needs to be re-negotiated anyways. Might as well put that on back burner, for now. Turn the Hawk into something awesome. All effort into the Hawk, no excuses, and they have a chance of smoother sailing.

How would they be obligated to do anything to the Hawk now? Sounds like they are no longer under contract with TFC/ED. I didn’t follow VEAO very closely because I don’t own the hawk, but it looked like the P40 was nearly finished.

Well, of the contracts they say they no longer hold, the Hawk was not amongst them. So, I’d assume they’re still in contract for that particular module.

That makes sense. I think I also read they were refunding P40 pre sales too. Makes a lot more sense now.

Also, it’s a pretty small market for DCS 3rd Parties, so by improving the Hawk it gives people more confidence to go buy the P-40, and know it’ll be supported and improved overtime as well.

Ah man, please let this not blow up in everybodies face.

Addendum, they did put the subfora back up, it seems.

Yep they got the P-40F subforum back. They also never seemingly lost their Meteor and Vampire subforums, and it was not mentioned that those contracts had been cancelled. Maybe they had been negotiated at a different date. I do hope they’re still coming. Might be a little easier for them to pull off than a gen 4.5++ jet and we hadn’t had anything decent covering 1st gen jets since IL-2:1946 (except for the Belsimtek jets)

Well, it would appear that under EDs current contractual terms, many of the modules that VEAO held 3 year contracts for are not in a state advanced enough for a contract. So seems not all that bad for now. It does raise the question why VEAO entered this many contracts in the first place though.

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Ambition can do funny things to your sense of reason. Insert coin and try again, guys!

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I would have been really sad to see a team, any team, give up without a fight.
Sometimes mistakes are made with the best intentions and you have to suck it up, clench your teeth and keep going.

I hope whatever mistake put them in that corner to have been a lesson and not just a trap.
Chin up guys- nothing is lost!

I posted this on Hoggit as well: I talked to Wags about this and they simply had three-year development license agreements for those projects, and they expired without being anywhere close to completion. If they can show substantial progress on any of those projects, Eagle will be happy to create new license agreements for them.


No one needs to give up on VEAO at all, this is nothing more than behind the scene business stuff, I would not imagine this has changed VEAO’s day to day, and what they are striving for. I really think they are just making it worse by over sharing. The just need to concentrate on what is important, developing the Hawk and P-40.

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Yes indeed, the initial reaction is “wait… WHAT?!”. Then one will quickly realize its about specific licences that VEAO has not shown much progress on at all. No idea why they would share it like this, but alas it has happened.

Can’t talk about simulators for too long without some weird drama involved :wink:

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*sound of scratched record *
Wait. Pman just stated that this had nothing to do with module progress or quality of work…

So, which is which now?

It’s never fun to see people experience if not failure, less than success. I like to see all the dev studios succeed so there is a more vibrant environment in DCS


I realized long ago that I’m not VEAO’s core market, I don’t really care one way or another about any of those listed aircraft, and frankly I’m not impressed with how the company carries itself publicly.

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