VEAO Hawk Interest

The VEAO Hawk aircraft looks pretty interesting… I’ve included it in a couple of the new missions, The Highway, Pointe & Shoot (Beta), and will pair it with Hueys in a brand new mission called ‘El Paso’.

The jet can carry a gun pod and rockets and bombs, and Sidewinders.

I’ll prolly pick it up this weekend. From all that I’ve read on it, it looks like a purchase from DCS now will be eligible for a free upgrade to the EFM flight model.
And –

What do you guys think? Anybody here messed around with it?


Hey Crew…

I’m a big fan of the Hawk - but you’ll get mixed opinions on it. Personally, I like the model. It has some definite quirks to it that will hopefully be solved when they get the External Flight Model version out. Be forewarned though - it does have some issues specifically with the Saitek X-55 where some interaction with the stick and the module cause the hydraulic pressure to bleed off.

To me, the Hawk would be a perfect aircraft to use on smaller scale COIN type missions that aren’t so grandiose in scale. With limited firepower, it would be a fun strike aircraft where bombs on target mean the difference between success and failure. If you are on the fence, you might want to wait until it goes on sale - I think it happens frequently enough. You might have just missed a sale though a few weeks ago.


(Limited time playing so far but,…)

Understanding exactly what the aircraft is I purchased it during the steam sale, I’m sure some of the criticism is due to people really not understanding but as a fast jet trainer its great fun! Plus for me the 100Sqn colours add a personal touch/link to me.

I’ll wait until proper fight model is introduced. Anything with simple FM leaves a sour taste in my experience.

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"To me, the Hawk would be a perfect aircraft to use on smaller scale COIN type missions that aren’t so grandiose in scale. "

Hi guys!

Yep, Beach, that is the scenario in the new El Paso mission. Just Hawks and Hueys to take out Red road outpost installations. I found that for Hueys to be successful and to have fun, the opponents have to be scaled down – otherwise Hueys just get ripped to shreds. I think the Hawk will make a great companion. raven is at my house for a couple months for work and he loves his Huey, and he gets kinda surly when a mission doesn’t include a UH-1H lol

I know the feels! Although the only thing worse than a mission without a Huey is a mission with a Huey that has no chance of success. Mohawk might be able to solo a UH-1H into a brigade-strength force and survive, but the rest of us need a little better odds! :wink:

I really appreciate missions that use triggers to have Hueys bring in needed supplies or personnel to help their team out.

I have to admit that Im not a huge fan of the Hawk, at least not in it’s current state - it just doesn’t feel up to the same level of quality as the other DCS-modules. But it does look like VAEO acknowledges this and are trying their hardest to remedy the situation - so I’d say, if you’re able to pick it up during a sale, go for it, if not then wait.

Well, I did buy it yesterday, after laying down the basics for this new ‘El Paso’ mission. The mission is just for Hueys and Hawks. I watched a video by CHRISXTR3M3 – on Page 9 of this thread at DCS Forums –
He’s ^^^ talking about avoiding MANPADS in his Hawk, so I added some of those nasty Iglas for a little dodge ball. It does look fun.

El Paso is in Beta and it should see its introduction today on Hollo Pointe.


Hawk is a fun little aircraft.

Only thing I didnt like was the SFM EFM stuff. But it seems they have cleared that up.

I need to dip back into DCS. I bought to many planes at one time and overloaded myself.

I found the manual – I like to read them cover-to-cover so that’s delayed me flying it. But I did take a few spins to learn the startup and raven and I tried the new El Paso mission – after not being able to engage with weapons I figured it was time to RTFM :wink: :wink:

Lots of technical stuff in the first third of the manual, looking ahead I see the cockpit explanations. I do wonder if the fire extinguisher in the engine will puff on a >3G crash.

Another day of reading and my new jet will be back up in the air…



I’ve been sidetracked with a Combined Arms battle development, and now have two days left before a major road trip to Seattle, Highway 101, Fallon, Tonopah and back home :stuck_out_tongue: So, the new El Paso mission is delayed for a couple of weeks. But we might get some time in it tonight on Hollo Pointe.