New pics of P-40F by VEAO

[quote]Rob spending another few hours adding more detail ontop of detail in the P-40F - Work continues on the Kittyhawk while the other Hawk is getting it’s final refinements Emoticón smile
More on the P-40F soon™ hehe



From VEAO FB, P-40F Kittyhawk new pics


That chin has its own solar system.


Just give me some 99th FS skins, and I’ll be happy.


Ah the P-40. Lives in so many boyhood dreams as the coolest looking plane ever. Until they realize that it’s neither as fast, or as nimble, as every contemporary plane it is up against.

Yes I am talking about that soul-crushing moment of maturity when you realize that giant radiators, while a great canvas to paint on, are very draggy.

I still want this very much and here is my rare full admonishment to a developer: Cmon Veao! Stop being that guy who keeps saying “I am working on my first novel” or “I am taking acting classes” and be that guy who finished his second novel or just finished his medical residency. Are you a closer? Let’s get this baby in the air!


…but @Tankerwade, we learned in Pearl Harbor that while P-40’s can’t outrun Zeros, they can outmaneuver them…


It’s just a matter of pulling the stick hard and with enough determination.

Always liked the P-40 in IL-2, even if it was not the most competitive aircraft.



VEAO FB P-40F Update

[quote]A few P-40F multiplayer screenies whilst sound testing just now…

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Still thinking about that “Kangaroo” skin we’d talked about, @komemiute


Yes… "Kangaroo"s… I find those are the best nose art.

hop. hop. hop. hop…

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(And one more character atleast to satisfy the Forums Gods)

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I’m still very skeptical about VEAO… In more than two years, what we have is just an HALF module out, pictures, words and good proposals…

I own a company, and if I’m late with deliviries of goods that my clients already prepaid, I would not say that We are enjoying summer sun and having fun fun with the prototype that all my investors put out money for…I would keep a very very low profile… ;-).

Consider this just as constructive criticism and motivational speech :wink:

Nothing wrong about being skeptical- remember to give credit when credit’s due, uh? :slight_smile:

Im sorry, I didnt want to offend anybody. I just play the role of “the Devil’s lawyer” as we say in my country :blush:
I really care of VEAO work. Im a buisness man and, seen that VEAO is a young and enthusiastic group of professionals and not hoobysts, I just want ponit out stuffs i learned by doing mistakes I paid hard :neutral_face::wink:.
There are advisors that send U bills with 3 zeros to tell U what i said :laughing::laughing:

I don’t think anybody took offence at anything you said, no worries.

The Hawk has been a slog…no doubt about it. They do seem determined to get it right though…which is something. Both the Hawk and C-101 are two aircraft I desperately want done (I have an article to write!)…so it has been a looooong wait…


VEAO P-40F new pics


Can’t wait to make some Warbirds skins- :smiley:

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From VEAO FB, new P-40F update and pics:

[QUOTE]The fine tuning that goes into getting the bombs and tank to sit right in the racks is insane. Been at it for 3 hours now. Rotate a little bit here, move in a tad there, down a tad there…

Export the model, load DCS, Open mission and see how it is.

Back to Max, tweak some more…rinse and repeat.

All for you lot to then go and drop the darn things off the racks!!!

Note: I stopped the engine during flight so I could see more clearly the positions.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the details of what we go through making a module.


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