Vega$ Tour....With a Twist

Hello,If any of you have DCS Nevada and The P-51 Mustang then more then likely you’ve flown Matt Wagners Excellent Vegas Tour quick start mission.
I have flown this mission many,many times and always enjoy it!! I started to constantly try to beat my best time through the desert without breaking The Mustangs Merlin engine.

I then wondered "What would it be like to fly this mission in The Bf109 or The Spitfire??

So I copied The mission from my DCS Open Alpha/Mods/Aircraft/P-51/missions/quick start and pasted it into Users/Name/ Saved Games/My missions folder.From there you can open the mission up in The mission editor and make the P-51 any other fly able aircraft you like…You can also change the time of the mission also(I like The New deferred shading option so It’s nice to fly at dusk)

Well today I tried my first Jet!! :slight_smile: and I have to say…It was an Awesome Challenge and lots and lots of fun!!! imageimageimageimageimage
The Mig -15 is one of my favorite early jets but is NOT meant to be flown “Low-n-Slow” like much of this mission demands!!
Anyway Ijust thought many of you Nevada/DCS 2.2 fans might enjoy this,I hope you check it out and have Fun!! :slight_smile:


That mission would be quite fun in the Harrier once 2.5 is out - give the nozzles a workout to wrap around the tight corners.


Now That’s a Fantastic Idea!!! :slight_smile:

I had never tried the Vegas tour so I had a go last night. I never got any comments after the initial intro. Is there more ?

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Yes,Matt’s voice over points out places of interest all through the tour,all the way to landing back at McCarran

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I’ll give it another shot tonight hopefully. I see the Spitfire also has a vegas tour. Presumably the same mission :slight_smile: Cheers

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I didn’t know about The Spitfire mission,I’ll give it a try also,Thank You :slight_smile:

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