Vertical Control Panel Button Box with removable labels and switch caps

Having been unable to find anything on the market that suited my needs I built my own vertical control panel to control landing gear, flaps and other misc functions found on the left side of most fighter jets:

The labels and switch caps are interchangeable so I can match the control scheme to whichever aircraft I am flying.


Bally good job there sir, bravo zulu! :clap:


My kind of guy! :+1:


Welcome @Hunchy!
And… HOLY SH!P it’s a marvelous piece!

Thank you! Glad to have the approval of my fellow flight simmers :smiley:


Nice job! Much nicer than the one I made! Well done!

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Excellent work!

I’ll keep this in mind as I one day would like to do something similar for the Hornet’s left panel and the right side hook lever and wing fold controls.

For things like the flaps switch, do you have that mapped on the Hornet to the special control version so that the center off of the switch causes an in game return to center of the switch? Or did you use a sort of three-position ON switch and map each position in DCS?

I find that with the Warthog throttle, even using some of the special bindings say for the exterior lights master - (physical on for on and physical off for off) - the game can lose “sync” to the physical device and I have to toggle it to get it back in order - so are the ON/ON switches, with two bindings instead of using one special with an ON/OFF switch better?


Thank you!

For the Hornet flaps I use a latched on-off-on toggle switch and Joystick Gremlin to program the three positions i.e. Auto - Half - Full. Joystick Gremlin allows you to define the middle “off” position as an input.

I normally would use on-off switches to save inputs (and use Joystick Gremlin to set the “off” position as an input). However, with this box I had enough inputs to use on-on switches. It just saves a bit a time because you can just assign the bindings for each switch position in game without having to use Joystick Gremlin.


Seems the controls option in DCS tend to prefer ON/ON as well, since there aren’t many special options that work with on/off switches natively so that is good to know.

Seems like you have it all covered. One of my concerns would be designing around certain control options in one airframe (say a rotary switch where DCS has maps for each position) and finding another airframe is not compatible (such as another plane having a rotary that game only allows maps for increment & decrement).

Generally I am only in the Hornet and other than those two panels I mentioned, I’d also at present only want to do the UFC.

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There is a way to get around the issue you mentioned about two way rotary encoders and rotary switches. Joystick Gremlin has “chain” commands which allow cycling of a sequence of different inputs with a two way rotary encoder. For example, say a rotary switch on the aircraft has 4 distinct inputs 1, 2, 3 and 4. The “chain” command allows you to individually cycle through “1” “2” “3” and “4” when rotating the encoder to the right and “4” “3” “2” and “1” when rotating the encoder to the left. Furthermore, this approach saves loads of inputs on your controller board as you only need to assign 2 inputs for several different bindings.


I’d be glad to build something similar. Do you have any plans and a part list?

I have shared links to the designs in the video description. Let me know if you need any specific advice.

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