VFlyteAir Simulations Cherokees

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On a recent weekend splurge, I picked up some aircraft from VFlyteAir Simulations that appealed to my sense of aviation nostalgia – it was money will spent! War story alert! Back in the mid-90s, I was moving from the realm of a private pilot into making aviation my career. I worked on the line pumping…


Flew brand new Archer III’s at flightschool, myself.
My flightschool got a new fleet during my time there. We started out on a mixed fleet with some old, and some not so old, C-172’s, and then over on the PA-28.
I agree with the above/below wing comment. Don’t know why this is, but I suspect a childhood of building plastic models of WWII fighters have something to do with it. :wink:

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I also felt that way about low-wings. And I think it was for the same reason. Low-wing Pipers looked marginally more like a P-51 than a Cessna which to my young mind made it better. It does bring back some memories. Nice one @BeachAV8R!

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unfortunate cut-off @BeachAV8R :wink:

Fun article!

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Nice article! I’ve pretty much decided to buy at least one of these modules so it was nice to have the differences outlined.

As to low-wings - @smokinhole , that’s exactly how I feel about the Robins my aero club has! Totally more P-51-esque. Low wing? Check. Bubble canopy? Check. 6 x .50 cals and a 1500 hp engine? Uhh I’ll get back to ya

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