Vietnam 65 AAR

Servus guys,

not a simulation, but a funny game for only 10 Bugs.

Your mission is to win the hearts and minds of the local people. You have 45 turns time to do it.
Victory Conditions:

  • <40: Decisive NVA victory
  • 41 to 49: NVA victory
  • 50 to 60: US victory
  • 60: Decisive US victory

You can make a normal game, a game as Veteran and you can customize a mission.
This time I tried a Veteran game. After the last Veteran game I became a rank as Lt Colonel.

For destroying of VC or NVA units, you will get PP (political points) and you can buy new stuff.

Engineers can build Forward bases and roads.
If you bring a Green Beret unit into a Forward Base they can create a maximum of 2 ARVN units (costs nothing, only time).
You can see my HQ base and 2 Forward bases and a village. The M113 brings some supply to the Forward Base.

South of my HQ Base it`s looking good. All 3 villages are US friendly (stars and stripes).
My Engineers in the west and build new roads.

On of my HUEYs fly back to my secondary Fire Base to resupply.
Your Engineers can build only 1 secondary Fire Base (cost nothing).
In this base you can resupply units, but you can not buy new units.
You can see (ok its hard) the vietcong flag and a fire. Its time for a visit with my Infantry or ARVN units.

It`s always a good idea to check the roads for mines. You can see here a mine sweep of one of my ARVN units.
Charlie can attack or lay mines or set up ambushes with RPG teams.

In the south west corner of the map you can see a Forward Base, a Village with a south Vietnames flag, a detected mine field next to an ARVN unit and an Engineer unit. 2 Hexes west of the Forward Base you can see a spotted VC unit. You can also see the red box at the Engineer unit. They are low on supply and have to resupplied this turn.
If not, they will automatically destroyed in the next turn. So I have some task in this area of the map.

The good news are , I deployed a Cobra Gunship the turn before, to provide fire support. You can see the red line and I don`t have to fly forward. The chance to destroy this VC unit is 75%.

The VC unit is destroyed and the minefield is breached. The local people are happy and I got some new Hearts.

I resupplied the Engineer unit with a HUEY from the secondary Fire Base. Now all is good and in the next turn, I can move into the village with my Grunts and build a new road to connect the village with my Forward Base.

In the noth west my Bravo Company spotted a VC RPG unit (75% chance of a win).
I have 5 options now. I can move into the village, I can attack the VC unit, I can make a mine sweep, I can setup an ambush or I do nothing. For me there is only 1 option, ATTTTAAACKKK.

I destroyed the VC unit and made a mine sweep, safety first. You can see, I got some new Hearts from the people, because I destroyed the VC unit.

In the northern center area everything is fine. I got some new Hearts, because I visited a village with the ARVN unit.
I have only to watch out for the supply status (you see the blue box). After 2 turns with a blue box it will turn to red.

In the south east corner is everything fine too.

As a steelbeasts junky I bought a M48 PATTON and deployed him in the Foxtrott Base.

Here you can see the full map in turn 34.

My Forward Base BRAVO is close to my HQ base. In this situation I use a M113 APC for resuppling.
You can see a HUEY is ready to resupply (wodden box) in his range.

Time to make a short visit in an other village. Got some new Hearts and the local people show me the ambush location of a VC RPG unit.

Let`s check the Forward Base DELTA, I think you know what I will use to send the RPG unit to hell.

You have to check always the supply status, my Grunts in the north west need some help.
Good if you have a HUEY in reserve.

After 45 turns the job is done, time for the bling.
This time I awarded the Vietnam Campaign Medal and step up as a Brigadier General.

and a DECISIVE VICTORY of course.

My new uniform:

I like to play this game very much. Every game you will get a new map.
It`s very challenging to bring your units to the west and to resupply them.
The NVA is starting from the west and if you take to long, than they can build up a base and if the Hearts & Minds score goes under 40 for the time of 3 rounds they will start a counterattack with PT-76 and Arty units.
The VC units starting from secret places along the secret HO CHI MINH trail. Every spotted enemy unit will be marked in the map. So after a couple of turns, you get an idea, where the HO CHI MINH trail is located.

Thanks for reading.

thấy bạn