Viewing Drone Camera through VR Headset?

I’ve been scouring the net trying to figure out how to look at my drone camera through my Oculus Quest 2 headset. The phone app I use actually has a VR button and splits the image in two on the phone but I’d like to sort of cast my phone screen to my Quest 2. This is the app I use …

Any ideas out there?

I’ve been building and flying drones since 2012 and am very skeptical about this app. Lots of red flags. None of the 30 odd reviews that I read mention their model of drone or at least the radio protocols being used. Since there are a number of standards, both analog and digital for sending and receiving both remote control and video, you need to know the manufacturer, or at least what type of signal and protocol is being transmitted and received. I find it really odd that the reviews refer to “my drone”, as if they all interconnected, regardless of protocol.

As far as using a VR headset to view your drone footage, you would need a high def video receiver that outputs to HDMI in a format that would work with your headset. And unless you have one of the new video transmitters on your drone that output in either DJI or Fat Shark high definition digital signal, you will be SOL. All of this is just coming online in then last year and isn’t interoperable with each other or legacy technologies.

It’s not a trivial thing to get affordable, reliable, low latency remote control and video signals at distance and around or through obstacles.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news and of course I’m a limited survey sample. Good luck with this all the same Elby.