Viggen Campaign Idea

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I’ve been looking for more Viggen campaigns and had a Cold War scenario idea. I don’t have the time or the experience to do the whole thing, unfortunately, but thought we might be able to collaborate on it. My plan is to use the coast of Georgia as a stand in for Finland. Soviets invade, the Finns are pushed back, Sweden decides to help and forward deploys to an airbase in Finland.

Obviously, there are holes in this scenario, but it is reasonable, given what we have to work with.


During the Winter war in 1939, a squadron did deploy to Finland. But the personell were volunteers from the SwAF and the aircraft were given from the swedish people to the finns. The squadron was given the next logical number in the Wing system, F19.

A modern day equivalent is an interesting scenario.

The way Sweden would be involved again would be if the russians would invade the Finnish west coast via the Baltic Sea. Or just have a Navy presence there. SwAF recon flights receiving casualties. Sweden is provoked into active participation.

Sounds reasonable. From a scenario point of view it is certainly workable.

Were you thinking realistic? i.e. set in the timeframe when the Viggen was operational, using Russian/Soviet aircraft from that era? Or a modern day “what if the Viggens were still around?”

I think you’d have to use the “place a plane anywhere” mod to really make this viable; I think only the Harrier can currently be placed on FARPs or on the ground. Wish ED would make that default or work out the grass airstrip they’ve had for ages.

Viggens taking off from roads? Yep, probably would.

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Yeah, the Finns have roadbases too…

Well… this could be a fun addition to some mission making in the future… :thinking:


So do the Sings (Singapore). In FSX, I reworked one of their air bases where the shut down an adjacent road and practice. If anybody is interested, let me know and I’ll put it on line.

Back to this thread…I think it is a great idea. The scenario can work in some heavily damaged airfields.