Viggen GOTHQ Part Deux

Get Out The Hangar Queens!!! This week i set myself up for a Viggen weekend. Spoiled for choice, i havent been in the Viggen in a very long time. What a great fighter this is. It does it all. I put dumb bombs on target, missiles on targets and once i stopped using that silly scope, i destroyed some MBTs. The reverser is a hoot. Short runway, no problem. I had such a good time. With a decent LCOS and an MFD it would be unbeatable. But one must consider this was a fighter of the 70’s. Still for its age, it is an unbelievable Veapon!!! Anyone else having a revisit to this Beast?


Man I would love to, but I just don’t have the time and headspace to wrap my little old brain (which is far less flexible than it used to be!) around that strange piece of kit.


I LOVE the Viggen!

Honestly in VR with the new scope improvements a few months ago, I love using Mavs to blast tanks. You just can’t expect to use it to acquire the target; that has to be done visually, meaning it all happens pretty fast. Don’t attempt to slew the mav seeker onto the target, put the Velocity Vector onto the target and lock it that way, then confirm a good lock in the scope. Being slow helps, but then you’re vulnerable, so not a good weapon for contested airspace. BK90, iron bombs and rockets are better for that.


You my friend, got it spot on. No ther way to go w the Mavs.
As far as training goes, nobody gets you up to speed faster. The training missions are the best. Short, to the point and very easy.
Give her a tr @schurem !!!


I adore the Viggen. Such a fun, fast and effective suppression plane.

The mavs are hard to get right but awesome when you get it right


That was my impression as well. Steep learning curve but not insurmountable, well worth the reward.

There’s three types, and one has a “better” seeker head (camera zoom). I think it’s actually easier to learn with the earlier one with less zoom since it’s larger FOV makes acquisition easier, and it will even jump onto the target a little bit when you attempt to lock.

Love the Viggen. Those crazy Swedes that flew them had big brass ones.

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