Viggen Radar

Some excellent information in this thread.

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I too contemplated posting this in the forums this morning, but then I realized the folly of my ways and came to know @near_blind as a weirdly obsessed guy when it comes to LNS.

We should consider keeping him at leash distance once you guys interview Cobra :wink:

Read through that thread the other day. Certainly looks like a lot of detail going into this. Looks like the making of a great module addition to DCS. I thought I had read way back that they (Leatherneck) were also working on a map for this aircraft to operate in. Does anyone know?

They are, it’s not ready, I wouldn’t expect any sort of news until 2.5 at the earliest

I thought so, good to know. I wonder if that means by 2.5 ship models and AI may have been tweaked worked on as well since this aircraft seems to be a dedicated anti-ship aircraft.

I wouldn’t say it’s a dedicated anti-ship aircraft, although that is a big part of its repertoire due to the perceived threat to the Swedish eastern coastline.

It’s definately a strike aircraft. Being able to deliver rockets, bombs, TV guided and optically guided munitions onto any land or sea based target. Not to mention it’s 6 Sidewinder capacity, which will make for some interesting dogfights, even if not in strict accordance with real life strategy doctrine :wink:

Wallet is opening…

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