Vintage Speedway

Car #75 is a 36 or 38 Ford Coupe driven by my Dad at the inaugural round of the Oceanview Speedway (Wanganui, NZ) in 1967. The speedway is still going strong today :slight_smile:


so nice pic, thanks for sharing!!!


That is amazing. Keep sharing them as they come @Harry_Bumcrack i love this stuff! Looks hectic!

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Did he race for long @Harry_Bumcrack? Any other notable cars he had?

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Not much speedway, but he did do a lot of scrambling (back before it was called motocross) on a BSA and AJS.

He mainly helped other people build their cars, such as helping his brother shoehorn a V6 Capri engine into a MK1 Escort :slight_smile:

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