Viper Gear ICP

For You “Falcon Fanatics” :wink:



It actually looks quite neat together with its desk mount. It’s very pricey, though. If it had a DED I might have considered.


Yea.Little pricey,Also doesn’t make much sense if you fly in VR…but someone building a Viper pit would probably give this a good look.

To me this makes the most sense for VR, as you can feel your way around the buttons, versus a touch screen. Especially given how distinctive all the buttons/switches/dials are. I imagine a few hours of ‘flying brail’ and one would be comfortable with it.

As far as price, that sounds about right. Figure if someone has shelled out the cost for other components of a dedicated Viper pit, $450 USD isn’t that outrageous, given how critical the UFC is to Vipering. It’s really a key-stone systems control point, so it’s something you really wanted nailed down.