Virgin Galactic - Elevating Unity

Can’t wait to see that thing rocket off into space…it is such a beautiful pairing of aircraft and rocketship for a launch system…

On September 8, 2016, our new SpaceShipTwo–VSS Unity–took to the skies for the first time. This is first ever flight of a vehicle built by our manufacturing organization, The Spaceship Company.

I like that design. Can’t wait to see it fly.
Although from a capabilities point of view it is kinda disappointing. The reached altitude is kinda underwhelming.
Anyway, it is a good start. I’d love to see figures (including cost) comparing it to the Blue Origin rockets.

Can’t watch the video right now, but judging by the quote you posted:
Wait, what? They say it is the first one?? What about the Enterprise? It crashed two years ago, killing one of its pilots. Sounds like they forgot that…

The first one that they manufactured themselves. I believe the original Spaceship 2 that crashed was built by Scaled Composites.

Ok, so it technically isn’t wrong I guess.