Virpil Constellation Alpha

now released on pre-order


Saying that I’m confused by all the sticks coming out lately and their (in)compatibility with the various bases would be an understatement.

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The basics is just that VPC, VKB and Thrustmaster are compatible with their own equipment.
Thrustmaster grips can be used on VPC bases and on VKB bases with an adapter.
VPC and VKB grips are incompatible with eachother.
VPC grips are a mixed bunch. Some are compatible with Thrustmaster bases, with limited functionality as TM don’t support axes in the grip.

Yeah, you’re right. It IS confusing :crazy_face:



It arrived this morning… Oh yes … :grin:

it looks damn nice, just going through re-binding DC’s now


Ooh you got it! Looks nice!

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Awesome looking piece!
What will you use it for?

Everything!!! :grinning:

Congrats, @tempusmurphy!
I love that they made it sci-fi without going over the top. It still could pass for a real aircraft grip.

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Looks very BSG. VPC needs a Katee Sackhoff signature model :grin:

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