Virpil Keyboard Mount

I added this today. Its very cool but I wonder if I will get used to the angle. I definitely like how close the keyboard is now.
Anyone else using this or something similar?


Yes, only mine is scrap wood from my wood pile, with a small plastic trim piece to keep the KB from sliding down.

Sits at the same position & angle. I actually find that position/angle more comfortable and easier to use. The NumPad sits in a good spot too and I just use it straight-up as the NumPad in the jet.

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Nice setup, if it’s made to the same specs as the other mounts… it can only be described as typically russian and very over engineerd

Yup, you nailed it. Its heavy metal and overdone but it is beautiful and will be handed down to my grandkids if I ever have some. Swivel adapter included.
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Yes my right kneecap can attest to the strength of the virpil joystick mount … After the last time I kneecapped myself with it I limped for a week :joy:


Ha, ha, yeah. My ‘hand-crafted, all natural material’ version does the same (need to round-off the corners someday).

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