Virpil Restock/ FINALLY snagged a Virpil Base

…I hope :confused:

Bases are already sold out, but as of this writing lots o’ grips back in stock.

It says I ordered one on my account page, but the home page shows ‘sold out’ within about 1 minute of my order complete.

To give you an idea how it happened:
-Around 1PM US Eastern time, when they said they were in stock, their sight was incredibly slow to load, and the cart kept spinning and timing out.
-around 1:30ish, whole site taken down. Facebook msg flagged saying they were making back end changes to address
-2:15: around the time my F5 key was plotting a mutiny, site came back up, showed WarBirds as in stock, and site ran smooth as butter. I had things paypalled and locked in by 2:16. ~$250 shipped to my door.
I then went back to the home page: Warbrds are sold out.

I’m now waiting for the “Sorry, we’re bad at interneting, and you don’t actually have one on the way. And we would just keep your money as a reserve for another one but that’s waaaaaayyyyy too easy and customer focused for us!”

And yes, I’m going to be salty about the buying process until a working unit arrives at my door.

Also, @BeachAV8R , happy to write a review of the base when it arrives. There might still be some salt, but then again I’m all about honest journalism :slight_smile: