Virpil UK store

just saw this for us Brits

Hello VIRPILs!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest VIRPIL Controls expansion with the VIRPIL UK distributor and webstore!


Why the UK?
The United Kingdom is home to many virtual pilots, and after changes introduced by Brexit we want to give confidence to those looking to take their cockpits to the next level without worrying about customs, import fees and delays, or currency conversions!

Is this just a “virtual storefront” and my order will be coming from a distribution centre outside of the UK?
No! VIRPIL UK is a fully featured distributor with its own warehouse facilities. Any orders placed on the VIRPIL UK webstore will be shipped from inventory held in the VIRPIL UK warehouse. We will be receiving frequent shipments of stock to the warehouse to keep the UK sim community well fed!

Really? So where is it?
VIRPIL UK’s new address is:

Unit 9, Horton Court,
Hortonwood 50,
Telford, TF1 7GY
United Kingdom

Can I visit?
We are currently putting together a display area and demo cockpits to give virtual pilots around the country a place to get their hands on the latest VIRPIL gear (and there may be a couple of prototypes floating around the office from time to time for those who want a sneak peek!). We’ll update the community when the showroom is open to the public!

What about customer service?
Customer support will be provided by our extensive VIRPIL Controls customer support team via the official support portal. You will receive the same great customer service and care!

What are the delivery options?
We have been trialling DPD for UK orders from the VIRPIL EU webstore for sometime now with fantastic results. As such VIRPIL UK will be adopting DPD as the primary courier option for the foreseeable future. We will aim to get orders for in-stock items dispatched within 48 hours and DPD will deliver orders the next working day!

And payment options?
We’re opening the store with both PayPal (with buy-now-pay-later facilities enabled) and Stripe options available.

Is there stock available to order now?

OK this sounds great! How do I order?
You can visit the VIRPIL UK webstore at!

Don’t miss the UK Grand Opening sale with up to 20% off until 31st July, 2023!

We’re looking forward to working more closely with the UK sim community and creating an amazing space here in the UK. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Happy Flying,


Now in UK because their homebase is in Belarus :smiley:

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I think they started out in Belarus but for as long as I remember, their HQ, factory and warehouse has been in Lithuania, inside the EU.

Thanks for the correction Troll!


Virpil still do their manufacturing in Minsk but have the warehouse in Alytus, Lithuania.
They plan to move manufacturing to their new facilities in Lithuania later this year.


I was about to say “Hello UK friends” :wink:

But after checking it is cheaper for me to go through their ‘Rest of the World’ store and pay in Euros - even taking postage and import duty into account.