Virpil VPC V.F.X Grip

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Hello VIRPILs!

We’re extremely excited to announce the upcoming pre-order availability of our VPC WarBRD and ACE Rudder Pedals, as well as the VPC V.F.X Grip! In this 3-part announcement we would like to introduce you to these new items as well as provide information on the pre-ordering process.

VPC V.F.X Grip
The VPC V.F.X Grip is our latest addition to our expanding lineup of interchangeable grips and our first Western fighter grip! This grip is based on controls found in the aircraft developed for the Naval Fighter Experimental program.

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The VPC V.F.X Grip features a number of unique features:

  • Dual-stage trigger
  • 4-way weapon select w/ push
  • DLC thumbwheel axis - spring loaded return to the center (Contactless digital sensor)
  • Paddle lever axis w/ physical push button at 100% (Contactless digital sensor)
  • 8-way ungated POV hat w/ push
  • 3 x momentary push buttons
  • All metal twist axis (Contactless digital sensor)
  • Twist axis lockout
  • Compatible with all VPC bases
  • Compatible with TMW base (Twist axis, Paddle lever and DLC thumbwheel will respond as buttons)

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During the development of the V.F.X Grip, we’ve built on past feedback we’ve received from the community to provide the best grip experience to date! This includes using digital contactless sensors for all grip input axis, providing unparalleled input accuracy.

We also wanted to satisfy as many VIRPILs as possible regarding twist axis input - after discussing with members from the community we know that a twist axis can be quite a divisive addition! The VPC V.F.X Grip includes our all metal twist axis mechanism (with VPC contactless digital sensor) for those without pedals, however we have now implemented a twist lockout for those who wish to block this axis entirely.

We’re also aware that many VIRPILs use our grips on their existing TMW base units, because of this we’ve done our best to ensure that the grip will operate on the TMW base with the caveat being that all grip axis (twist axis, DLC thumbwheel and paddle lever) will respond as button inputs instead due to limitations with the TM base units. For full grip functionality it will be necessary to use a VPC base!

Product pages and pricing information will be posted on 21st June!

VPC Rudder Pedals
We’re pleased to confirm that our long awaited VPC Rudder Pedals lineup will also be available to pre-order!

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Our rudder pedal line up will include the VPC WarBRD Rudder Pedals and the VPC ACE Rudder Pedals. These pedals are developed from the highly successful rudder pedal platform designed by our Chief Designer Roman Dorokhov (Baur) - creator of BRD devices.

Featuring all metal construction, cam centering mechanism and cast aluminium footplates with large solid rubber feet, the VPC Rudder Pedals provide an incredibly solid and enjoyable rudder input experience!

Each VPC Rudder Pedal set will have hard-center cams and soft springs installed as standard but will also include soft-center cams and heavy springs for extra adjustability, allowing you to change the pedals response to your preference.

By utilising the latest VPC electronics, including our high precision contactless digital sensors with input accuracy of 0.006 degrees, the VPC Rudder Pedals offer a new level of rudder input precision.

The line up is as follows:

VPC WarBRD Rudder Pedals
The VPC WarBRD Pedals are the entry level 1-axis pedal set. Perfect for those looking for a simpler pedal set or helicopter pilots!

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VPC ACE-1 Rudder Pedals
The VPC ACE-1 Pedals are a 3-axis pedal set which includes an adjustable full foot pedal platform with toe brakes.

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VPC ACE-2 Rudder Pedals
The VPC ACE-2 Pedals are a 3-axis pedal set which includes a pedal accessory to convert the ACE-1 full foot pedal into combat-style pedal platform with toe brakes.

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16x16 This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1200x715.

Product pages and pricing information will be posted on 21st June!

Pre-Order Information
Pre-orders for the new VPC Rudder Pedals and VPC V.F.X Grip will open on 21st June at 6pm GMT on our worldwide webstore! It will also be possible to pre-order any other VPC product to form a complete order.

Pre-orders will be both time and quantity limited. Pre-orders are currently scheduled to run for 2 weeks and close on 5th July at 6pm GMT.

We’ve listened to feedback from the community regarding pre-orders, and made changes to our logistics processes to handle future pre-orders. Pre-orders will be now ran with the following rules:

  • Any VPC product can be pre-ordered.
  • Pre-orders will be fulfilled within estimated 90 days of the pre-order close date. Any changes to this schedule will be confirmed in an announcement.
  • Pre-orders will be dispatched when all items within the order are in stock.
  • Pre-orders will have stock prioritisation.
  • If your order includes any pre-order items, the order must be paid for using bank/wire transfer and any transfer fees must be covered to ensure that the correct amount is received. Based on previous feedback, we would recommend using to avoid any high fees, delays or transfer errors.
  • Payment must be sent in EUR.
  • Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time before dispatch. Refunds will be processed within 28 days of request.

Pre-orders including the VPC Rudder Pedals and VPC V.F.X Grip will be dispatched in approximately 90 days from the closing of the pre-order period. Pre-orders for already released VPC products will be dispatched as they come in.

To clarify the stock prioritisation of pre-orders - a pre-order will only be dispatched when all items are available at our distribution center. If there is any item within the pre-order out of stock, other items within your order may be actively sold on our store while awaiting full order item availability. In the case where all items within the pre-order are available, pre-orders will be prioritised before stock is added to the webstore.

For further information on pre-ordering, please visit: VIRPIL EU - Order & Payment Info and scroll down to the Pre-Order Information section.

Product pages and pricing information will be posted on 21st June!

As always, we will continue to strive to meet every VIRPILs expectation and build from the feedback we receive! If you have any questions, comments, requests or suggestions, you can get in touch with us directly by emailing [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support!
VIRPIL Controls Team

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For support please email [email protected] to open a ticket!


I don’t see any prices? Or did I miss them somewhere?

EDIT: “Product pages and pricing information will be posted on 21st June!” … looking for those impulse buys, eh? :slight_smile:

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So a dumb question, but this is a Tomcat stick then, yes? :slight_smile:


I’d say that’s a big yes!

So now I’m kind of torn. The F14 grip looks great, and will of course be perfect for the DCS Tomkitty. It also has an axis on the front of the stick for brakes… good for the Spitfire and MiG’s…

Then we have the currently available VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip - great for newer Russian aircraft, also with the hand brake axis.

Finally we have the F18 Grip by Thrustmaster, that is a perfect match for the F18 and also I believe, the Harrier.

They are all going to be about $200 by the time we factor in shipping (talking US here of course).


Yea…That DLC Axis Thumbwheel is a feature on The TomCat

Hmmmmmm they have the MongoosT-50CM2 Grip showing as being in stock right now. That is mighty tempting.

I bought my Warthog in 2015. My son now uses the base, while I still use the throttle. After the TM F-18 grip taking so long and the failure of Replika to actually produce anything, I’d pretty much given up on the hope of being able to have a selection of grips to match the (predominantly western) aircraft I fly.

But now it’s happening! :smiley:

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Well…I might need new rudder pedals…my CH Pedals are about to enter their second decade of service…VR or pedals, VR or pedals…:thinking:

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Ohhh…That’s a tough decision…I couldn’t live without either,VR would be my choice though…unless my favorite module was a chopper :slight_smile:

If the favorite module was a helo then that makes VR even more important IMHO. Especially as he already has functional pedals.

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Pricing is up on the VirPil website… For the VFX grip, 149 Euros, normally 159 Euros. In other words, the same as the MongoosT-50CM2 Grip.

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Personally, although I’m not going to buy the V.F.X. grip, I’m excited about it because it opens the door for future type-specific grips and will hopefully fuel some competition. I do intend to get the Hornet grip because it goes well with the Hornet, Harrier, and hopefully soon the Strike Eagle.

Where my wishes lie is for a new F-16 throttle. I retired my cougar for a Warthog, but the Viper throttle has always been my favorite throttle. I know there are options to make my Cougar throttle USB compatible but I want a new toy built from the ground up with new tech.

Sorry if I went off topic a bit.

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I suspect they were dancing around licensing issues.

I guess Boeing would own the license these days? That’s who absorbed Grumman, right?

I think the only reasonable, level-headed thing to do is buy all of them.



Northrop and Grumman merged, so that belongs to Northrop Grumman now: Home - Northrop Grumman


You mean to say I could have more than one joystick?! :star_struck:

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So…$215.00 US when all said and done…I didn’t think that was too bad? I’m putting in a lot of TomCat stick time so I think it’s worth it for me…also F-14A model coming up…And Heatblur haven’t ruled out doing “The King of Cats”…F-14D!!! Now that would be a… B E A S T ! ! :wink:

I thought they said it would be so different as to be an entirely new plane and wouldn’t do it? I’d love it if they did though. I LOVE the ultimate cat!

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Really?? I didn’t hear that,I know there’s a thread in Heatblurs sub forum over at DCS titled F-14D…last I heard in there they said they’d Love to do it.
Not sure if things changed since they do have quite a bit on their plate(ie New Carrier, A-6) Im Not saying it would be a free add-on to the current package…but would have to be a completely new module.

Heatblur said the main problem with the F-14D is trying to get all the data necessary is difficult as a bunch is still classified or unavailable.