Virtual Airline Polls

Should we open a new sub-forum for Mudspike based Virtual Airlines?

  • YES
  • NO

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If we do create a Virtual Airline sub-forum, do you want a forum for posting individual company “diaries”? (In addition to a general sub-forms for Air Hauler 2 and FS Economy)

  • Yes
  • No

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When we purchase aircraft for general use for our Virtual Airline, should we allow “group” funds to purchase default aircraft, freeware add-ons, or payware?

  • Default only - so people don’t have to find or buy anything.
  • Default AND freeware - a little work never hurt anyone.
  • Default AND freeware AND payware - it’s capitalism baby!
  • Default AND freeware AND payware - only when a majority of people VOTE for a proposed payware airplane.

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Should we allow non-Mudspike forum members to fly for Mudspike “branded” VAs?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes - but keep an eye on those shifty looking dudes.

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Specific to Air Hauler 2 - what percentage of profits per flight should be returned to the pilot?

  • 100% retained by pilot: I have a voracious beer habit.
  • 75% retained by pilot - 25% to Mudspike: I like beer and I’d like to buy other Mudspike pilots a beer sometimes too.
  • 50% retained by pilot - 50% to Mudspike: I’m a Libra
  • 25% retained by pilot - 75% to Mudspike: You Mudspike pilots look like drink more than me.
  • 0% retained by pilot - 100% to Mudspike: I’m just here for the smoke and flames.

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Polls are dumb - particularly ones with leading answers

  • Yes
  • Definitely
  • Very much so
  • Affirmative

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What kind of Virtual Airline flying do you plan on doing?

  • Everything
  • Helicopters
  • Bush planes
  • Mid-size planes
  • Large transports
  • Space? (Is Elon Musk a member?)

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What are you hauling?

  • Cargo Only (fly it like you stole it)
  • People Only (you can still fly it like you stole it, but you’ll clean up barf)
  • Cargo sometimes / people sometimes
  • I plead the Fifth

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Sorry about the crappy formatting. I don’t know how to make polls. Nor do I know how to format them. I wanted BIG headers, but small polls.

Instead - I got BIG everything…


I wanted to vote for multiple entries on the “what do you want to fly” question.

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Yeah…I’m not too familiar with the poll creation tools and I screwed that one up. Unfortunately, once published, they don’t allow for editing…

Me and this website running stuff is quite hilarious…


I voted helicopters but I also love the DC-3. So, yeah, I might be able to talk myself into a little bit of fixed-wing. (Does the DC-3 qualify as a bush plane?) Ooh Ooh! I could keep FSE for helo stuff and AH for DC-3/Bush! This really could be quite fun!




I only voted for the ones I could understand. For example, I don’t know how the (hopefully virtual) money works so I didn’t opine on those questions.

What I’d like to do is take the couple of XP11 aircraft I have (B727F, Do228 and Piper Cheyenne) and fly them around hauling cargo. However it sounds like one must work their way up to stuff like that. Hmmmm… :thinking:

You can do FSE. There you just rent the plane you want to fly.

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I had to sit 3 miles away to read that poll. Geezz!!!

Anyway, if I remember FSE is based on type not specific plane. For example if you have the Flight Factor 767 FSE treats as a 767. Same for if you have the Level D sim 767. FSE sees it as a 767 therefore its the same bird I do believe(been over 5 years since i flew FSE). Where as AH sees each as a seprate plane.

Kinda wish AH saw by type and not by author, so to speak

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Then my Twin Beech qualfies too! WhooHooo! Gonna be scary though.

And yeah, I’d like to fly other stuff too, though right now nothing bigger than the BE18. Still eye-balling the C208 but that Skyhawk mod you turned me on to is holding me over.

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What I’m doing right now, and is one of two ways: created my own company starting with a large wad of cash by setting it up initially with the Easy mode (don’t recall the exact level but was enough to buy the plane I wanted). Then transfer jobs from that company (JR’s Fly By Night) to MAD, then fly the trip for them.

It’s a ‘cheat’ (starting a company in Easy mode) I guess, but I want to fly that acft NOW! I got over it.

There’s another option I read in the manual (skimmed it) where you don’t have to have your own company to join a VA.

I did it the former way simply cuzz the acft is so ‘unique’, to me - it’s not high-dollar payware quality which other might not care for.

Wonder if you can transfer acft from your company to the VA? Have to skim the manual a lil deeper.

Harumph. Well guess my new category wasn’t enough. Just kidding, I like these ideas. I will clean mine up.

EDIT: In my defense, I created them very quietly and moved some of the relevant topics over there but did not announce it. :slight_smile:

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LOL…I’m sorry - I didn’t even see it! Feel free to move stuff wherever you see fit. By default, I usually only list by newly updated topics, so I almost never see the forum/subforum structure…

I’m so embarrassed…didn’t mean to do an end around you…

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No no. I didn’t let anyone know and your design is much, much better. :slight_smile: