Virtual Backseaters Volume I: F-14 RIO - First Public Draft

If you like to fly the DCS: F-14, many of you probably know We’ve been using the site as a training resource for the F-14 in our Squadron for quite some time and the work he’s put into the site is absolutely amazing and has been a huge help in learning air-to-air tactics and procedures in the F-14

Now he’s released a draft for a book all about the RIO and I think it’s finally time for me to learn how to be one (coincidentally my basic RIO training starts tomorrow evening).


This is far enough above my head to feel like going to initial training on a new type, but not so far above my head for me to grasp how awesome it is that a member of the community has put this much time and effort into helping educate players as better RIOs. Thanks for sharing!


Great find! Really illustrates the depth of DCS - the RIO stuff is just one of many niche’s.


The depth really is the incredible part. The RIO role is super interesting to me, though I’m not great at it and don’t hop into multiplayer often to work with a human pilot.

I have a pretty thorough knowledge of the Hornet, including practicing basic emergency procedures, but the fact that the Tomcat has two cockpits with such depth is astonishing.

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