Virtual desktop update November 7th 2023

Quest/Pico/Vive version 1.29.7 - Release Notes

@everyone You can install this update through your library in your headset. The Streamer will auto-update when you connect to your PC.

• Improved AV1 performance and stability with AMD
• Improved SSW quality on Quest 2, Pro and 3
• Increased H.264+ max bitrate to 500 Mbps on Quest 3
• Increased max desktop resolution to 3840x2160 and optimal resolution to 2560x1440 on Quest 3
• Added custom OpenXR runtime called VDXR on the PC side providing up to 10% improved performance
See here for more info:
• Added OpenXR runtime selection box in the Streamer window (Automatic, SteamVR or VDXR)
• Added Exit Game button in the Virtual Desktop menu for non-SteamVR games
• Added Brazilian Portuguese keyboard layout
• Removed regular AV1 codec option (only AV1 10-bit now available)
• Fixed game compatibility with many OpenXR titles on the Rift store: Pistol Whip, Onward, Population One, Zenith, etc.
• Fixed issues with audio device restoration and monitor resolution change when shutting down/restarting computer in VR
• Fixed Head Lock feature to work when moving around your play space
• Fixed field of view edges on Quest 3
• Fixed thumbs up state not being recognized in some games
• Fixed Vietnamese characters in subtitles
• Fixed subtitles not appearing with some videos
• Fixed performance overlay visibility issues
• Fixed compatibility with: Automobilista 2 (Steam), 7th Guest

Recommended GPU drivers
Nvidia: any drivers
AMD RX 400/500: 20.10.1
AMD 5000/6000: 22.11.2
AMD 7000: 23.10.2

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