Virtual Desktop Update: Quest/Pico/Vive version 1.30.5 - Release Notes 3/27/24

Quest/Pico/Vive version 1.30.5 - Release Notes 3/27/24

@everyone You can install this update through your library in your headset. The Streamer will auto-update when you connect to your PC.

• Optimized Games tab refresh speed for slower hard disk drives
• Added Spanish keyboard layout
• Fixed cropped desktop image with Nvidia GPUs at specific resolutions
• Fixed microphone passthrough on macOS
• Fixed VR hand tracking grip threshold to reduce early activations
• Tweaked warning message when using buggy AMD drivers
• Improved game compatibility with Dirt Rally 2

Recommended GPU drivers

Nvidia: any drivers

AMD RX 400/500: 20.10.1

AMD 5000/6000: 22.11.2

AMD 7000: 23.10.2

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