Virtual Reality (VR) Games May Fail to Run on Multiple Computers With Intel 11th Generation CPU

Having installed the latest updates on my newly updated computer, I recently found multiple apps/games freezing with a rotating hourglass followed by a crash to desktop, alwys in the same place in the affected titles.

This occurred in exactly the same way on both wired and wireless connections, and cased severe dropouts and freezing /black flashing screens in MSFS.

This was on a machine that was working fine just days ago, and led to me taking numerous steps to track down the issue, including an in-place windows reinstall, deleting and reinstalling ethernet drivers, deleting and reinstalling the oculus software, trying various connection cables, manually deleting Oculus folders, while searching the web for any similar situations.

Meta in almost all instances recommends hard resetting the Oculus to default, but this also provided no solution.

I feared the headset was damaged, but noticed that games/apps run internally worked fine, which tended to counter-indicate the headset itself being the issue, and further showed that some games/apps also would work successfully while streaming from the computer, while others that had been working fine just days ago now crashed every single time.

One of the apps that crashed repeatedly was something called THE BOND, and finally I went to the steam community hub for the title and found a post regarding Possible solutions via a workaround for a recent SSL problem with several VR and Pancake titles that had recently begun crashing on intel 11th gen machines.

The solution worked, but having found it, I did more research and found a general notice regarding the problem from DELL

Heads up, If you are having any similar issues!

Virtual Reality (VR) Games May Fail to Run on Multiple Computers With Intel 11th Generation CPU

More detailed technical info here

Good luck!


Looks like a nasty old bug that still happens because some software projects do not update their own copy of TLS libraries. Which all by itself should be a computer crime or something. :point_up::face_with_monocle:

Good info, @HiFlyer. Thanks.