Virtualy New to VR - Questions, Observations, no poetry

The idea behind this thread is for the second wave of VR adherents to learn from the VR pioneers.

I’ll kick it off. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is a “VR enabled cockpit” in DCS?

I have noticed that I can use the index finger of the hand controllers to click most switches. (In the Hip even has a nice stylized leather flying glove). I can also point and shoot a laser…sorry a “laser”…then click it to reach switches out of reach. Also the thumb stick can be used to rotate some dials. I assume this means that the Hip has a VR enabled cockpit and that the Gazelle does not.

What is a “VR enabled cockpit” in XP11?

I ended up just using the mouse in XP.

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So, I think I have simple button (on/off) interactions down. Either “touch” them with your virtual index finger or use the “laser” and click. Likewise most dials seem to respond turning CW-CCW to the control stick up-down.

The issue is with 3-way or more switches. You can click them one way…and then you are stuck. Example: the taxi & Landing lights on the Mig-21. Off-to-Taxi, Taxi-to-Landing …and then you are stuck. Obviously no 2nd mouse button enabled.

I’ve read some ED forums on the subject (a guy named Goblin is quite prolific on the subject …we should get him to come over to Mudspike :wink:) but they all propose assigning a HOTAS controller to the 2nd mouse button. Is there anyway to assign a hand controller? Would that be a DCS change? A firmware controller change? Or an aircraft mod change?

Turn on, tune out drop out.
Put on the thing, grab the thing, be the thing,

Out of this world, away from reality
Of groceries and money and garbage
Into that world, into virtuality,
Of angles and wings, systems within systems

With a flick of the head, see the sun glare on silver wings,
With a flick of a switch, see doom descend with red precision.

These bookish acronyms take on life and meaning, as VR opens up BFM, IFR, BVR, TGP, LGB

Oh VR, how I waited for you.


I think that on the original Rift there was a second button on the VR controller assigned to right click by default. One of the thumb buttons IIRC.
I only tried DCSW in VR once at a friend’s place, but it was working well in that regard.

Edit: did you try the analogue stick on the hand controller while pointing at a button or lever with the laser? Might work as well.

What part of No poetry…:rofl:


How about Voice Attack / Vaicom? It can be used to control switches and other cockpit instruments by voice, saving fumbling with a controller. I have used it in my limited VR experience and it works.

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While I do think that tools like Voice Attavknwork great in conjunction with VR, I think clicking a switch using a voice command is a tad extreme.

In the mail…

I’m sorry man, those words are like a bullfighters red cape to the poet in me. Would you believe I hadn’t written any in years until your thread titles provoked me? :pirate_flag:


You have to turn your hand 180 degrees, then the laser pointer will change color IIRC and the switch will go the other way when clicked.
I think, not at pc now, so above is from spotty memory…

I assume you mean to rotate it around the pointing finger axis? I shall try that. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Re pointctrl…I have seen a video while it was in development…so it’s reached IOC? :thinking:

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It’s in LRIP even. Units are being sent out to users. I’m on the list, I’ll let you know how good it is.

OK, the turn you finger (90 degrees to the right) Works great. Thanks

Uhmm… you sure the VR hasn’t made you dizzy? Or maybe the wine? Or was it just autocorrect that hates you? :smiley:

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Actually I have been getting a bit dixxi with VR. Was landing the M500 in XP. As I got close to the ground the visual movement was not matching what the non-movement that my inner ear was feeling. Not quite vertigo but not comfortable. I am pretty sure the “disagreement” between my eyes and inner ear was causing some erroneous control inputs that were complicating the landing.

A common occurrence?

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Common when you are new to VR. Helicopters seemed especially good at inducing this sensation. The good news is that you will soon find it doesn’t bother you anymore. Just make sure that you stop and do something else if you start feeling ‘off’ while in VR, and then come back and try again later.

I definitely felt the same when I first flew the Mustang with my friend’s Rift CV1.

I’ll just tie a big plastic garbage bag around my neck and go at it! :vr::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I will build a new rig in the next few months, and have VR questions. I tried a unit more than a year ago and returned it… but it does intrigue me, especially with all the praise about the immersion.

There are $400 units and $500 units with more internal memory. Which one is recommended?

How do the hand cuffs work? Can they be worn comfortably while operating the hotas and mouse? Do you want to take them on and off during the game? Pictures, please?

What about lenses for vision correction that are worn with the unit?

And what about consuming adult beverages while in a VR universe? Which ones go best? :sunglasses: :cocktail: