Visual Jokes or Intensity


I felt it was needed.
I’ve been wrong before…

You Laugh you Lose - CHALLENGE!

Thanks for the effort but those aren’t funny to me. One almost make me grin though, the one with bombs.
You’re a good guy and I am glad we have you here.


DISCLAIMER: My wife is German and she allowed me to post this.


As a German I approve.


Das ist true.


It seems that you guys deport all Germans with a sense of humour to Austria.


Your face.


I honestly declare I read that Australia.


Did you get rejected at the border? :slight_smile:


lol no.

Just making sure that joke got made. It’s the ultimate in visual jokes. Or something.


If my face is a joke, why do i get sad every time i look in the mirror? Explain that!


too complicated!


No, the ones suited only for manual labour and carrying backpacks around are sent to Australia. In Austria, we fund their Education, then we make sure they have only miserable job opportunities so they don’t stay here afterwards.


My thread was ok, but you guys made it great! :smiley:


And we take the crazy from Austria and make them chancellor

*runs away


No please not those bad Hitler jokes, those are like getting your toenails pulled.