Visual Jokes or Intensity


Did you just make a duality of light joke?


Perhaps… the joke remains both hilarious and unfunny until you decide which it is :stuck_out_tongue:




Bob Page is supposed to be further down, not in front of the player. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hilariously unfunny? :slight_smile:


we’re now entering the strange realm of quantum comedy…


Some sort of a… Quantum Leap?


The first photo reminded me of something that happened as a child. I was about 7 years old. My mother and father had saved up for a trip to Yellow Stone National Park. Being a kid I wasn’t all that interested in Old faithful and the other geothermal wonders. I had seen in a National Geographic that there were a lot of bears to be seen; that sometimes they wold come right up to the car. So when my parents told me that summer we’d be going to Yellow Stone, I was thrilled.

I couldn’t wait for school to end and our vacation begin. I read as many (picture) books about bears as I could find. I was ready. Finally the day came and we loaded up the 1964 Ford Galaxy 500 and headed west.

I think we stopped 2 or 3 times along the way. The last place was some famous cowboy thing but frankly, I couldn’t care less. I was just a few hours from Yellowstone and seeing real, live, wild bears!

The next morning we started early. We still had a few hours to go. The closer we got to seeing the bears, the more excited I got.

And then tragedy.

There was a fork in the highway. Above it was a sign that read:

“Yellowstone Park, Bear Left”

So we turned around and went home.




That’s the dadliest joke ever. Good one @Hangar200.


Speaking of dad jokes…

Two fish in a tank…

One turns to the other and says…“Do you know how to drive this thing?”





That’s a good one! :smiley:


Shamelessly stolen from Reddit…

What do you call a recently destroyed planetoid that exists as an asteroid field due to lingering gravitational forces? A Rubble Alliance.




+1 for cat




Going for Intensity on this one :sunglasses:
Last July we visited a friend in Las Animas in southeast Colorado. I’d heard it is the tarantula capital of the U.S. so I asked about that but my friend hadn’t seen any. She did tell me about the huge tarantula wasps, but we didn’t see any while there. So, this comes in the mail. My friend found it in her yard. I don’t even want this thing in my house! It’s back in the box and I’m going to escort it to the trash truck!