Visual Jokes or Intensity


me neither but it is hilarious. Weird russians be weird.


The part you might be missing is the puddle he is standing in is the Vodka they didn’t drink.


LAWL, ok then. I agree with you. :slight_smile:


I think this is from the latest DCS Mi-8 campaign…or not. :laughing:



That bridge is LEGENDARY!




Proposed design revision in user manual for internationalization.


Well they didn’t mince words…


Not graphical, but a… sort of… funny thing happened to me. For dramatical purposes I will exaggerate the story a bit:

I talked to a guy about our hobbies and at some point he asked if I knew JSTARS.

Me (glad to meet another military aviation fan): Sure! JSTARS! Northrop Grumman E-8! Ground surveillance! Command and Control! Exciting technologies on board!

Him (looking at me funny): … … uhmm… sure. I meant the game.

Me: HOLY CRAP there is a game about JSTARS?
Wow!! I didn’t even know!!!

Him: yeah on the PS4.

Me (slightly confused): On the PS4? Ok, not exactly a hardcore simulation then, but on the other hand that AC-130 gunship game on Android was fun as well.
rambling on about the plane’s capabilities

Him: There are no planes in it.

Me: Just infantry then and the JSTARS give you the infos?

Him: No. It is a fighting game with Manga characters.

Me: blink blinksigh. Nope. Never heard of it.

awkward silence follows

So I confused this:

With this:


I did something like that, but you can know about it only after I die.


@komemiute Sing, or the puppy gets it!



Well, I’ll just say I was SURE that booty belonged to a girl…


Oh man that reminds me of something as well.
Can’t tell it here though, because family friendly forum and so on.


This all reminds me about embarrassment over mistaken song lyrics.

Me - Super Freak - "The kind of girl you read about, In Newsweek magazine.

I was dancing with a young lady at a College dance and, as one does wen they are young, was impressing her by singing along with the lyrics…until the song got to that line. She stoped dancing, looked at me kind of sideways and said “New Wave Magazines” and then started laughing.


Oh did that thing too. With a Metallica song.


You mean that “I just died in your arms tonight” does not really contain the German phrase “Du musst besoffen bestellen” (meaning “You have to order drunk”)??? :smiley:


Some folks, my wife included, thought that Fleetwood Mac’s Edge of Seventeen, included the line “Just like a one-winged dove”

We were married when I told her the real lyrics…and opined that a one-winged dove would just fly in circles…not my best husband-move but I still get a chuckle out of it. :grinning:


Lol, I am one of those misinformed souls. Just looked at the lyrics and listening to the song I still am hearing it the wrong way.