Visual Jokes or Intensity


Erhm---- NSFW F-Bomb. But funny. :slight_smile:



Golden Retrievers literally melt my heart so I’m having trouble posting this :slight_smile:

The completely relaxed and marginally excited look on Elon’s face makes me chuckle …

It’s funny because it’s true. :wink:

Nice NROL-76 performance today! …

Plus I saw a Tesla Model X letting a bunch of passengers out in front of a restaurant in downtown Toronto last Saturday and I kinda started to get a boner. Very weird.

I SO want a Tesla.



Found the cure to male Impotency…

Get this at 4:26 and just listen to her


Very much a fan of Winnick. Very much.

edit: also, “have a blow at that, you’ll be fine.” ahahahahaha


Beauty, strength, humor- what’s not to like about her?!


Ok, I guess most people wont instantly get this one (Perhaps @sobek and a few others will), but to me it is hilarious:

Should have used nocatsplash. :smile: :smile:


I lolled so hard I basically snorted. Nice @Aginor!


Not a systems guy so i had to look that one up.



I can’t belive it…

And it works!




Not properly Safe For Work… but funny as hell


Pure (NSFW) Comedy Gold



Wow, a baby was born with his mother’s IUD in hand! :grin: Isn’t it ironic? (and NOT Alanis Morissette’s definition of ironic)



Actually the shot was staged (according to the mother wasn’t born really with the thing in hand)- Still a baby born despite the IUD!
Not only for the contraceptive part but also because it’s a true danger during the pregnancy…

In other news Franch slang is truly metal